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King Kong Walkthrough

Work your way along the path, towards the hanging crate. Note that there are two dinosaucrs in here so you have to be cautious. Hit the crate then hide in the shelter. Attack the dinos from in the safety of the shelter. You can also play with fire if you want.

You need 2 levers to open the door. One lever was on the entry area with the bugs. Toss a speared critter to the side to get the lever. The other is in the nook behind all the brush - set it on fire to get in. First knock down the skull-pot and then take fire from that to set the other area on fire.

In the next area you see stone buildings. Go right and see little bugs, spear one. Go through the archway and get the millipede by distracting it with bug-bait. Now you're at a water slide area. Note that there's another millipede waiting for you here. You can fling bugs from the top to lure out the enemies.

You see your friends off to the side. There are 2 dinos waiting on the other side of a waterfall for you. Go into the waterfall, spear a fish, and throw it far off to distract them. When they are chasing the bait, run to the fire and set the bushes on fire. Hayes calls about the Tommy Gun, you can swap if you want.

You find a lever to the far right of the waterfall (when facing it). go over to the door and use it to open the door. Go in and right, into the shallow water. It gets deeper. You hear screams and cries. "It's Preston and his crew". Finally you get outof the water and into ... a rainstorm. Go to the fire.

King Kong Walkthrough

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