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King Kong Walkthrough

Go grab some ammo from the box under the building's shelter. You see the guys up on a walkway. A giant V-Rex comes after them, and then you. You can empty your entire Tommy-Gun ammo into him without any impact. Your job here is to DISTRACT him. Shoot down the bats to the left and the right to distract him - by then they should have the door open to run through.

run along with them to a hiding space. Go down into it to hide. You're almost toast, but then you hear Anne calling for help and the V-Rex goes off to investigate. Go out when he leaves. Follow them as they run. You get to a door that needs a lever. Go back to the previous room, face the door and go to the right to find it. Return and open the new door.

You try to cross a bridge but fall into a chasm. They say that they'll go around.

King Kong Walkthrough

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