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Kirby 64
Weapon Combinations

Fire Combos
Fire: Giant fire flame
Cutter: Flaming sword
Ice: Melting ice cube
Spike: Flaming arrow
Rock: Volcano
Electric: Static electricity
Bomb: Fireworks

Cutter Combos
Fire: Flaming sword
Cutter: Giant face boomerang
Ice: Ice skater - if you jump, you can spin!
Spike: Giant claws with spikes
Rock: One of our favorites, random sculptures. Each has a different ability - the bird can fly, etc.
Electric: Double-bladed light saber (a la Darth Maul!)
Bomb: Shuriken thrown at enemies

Ice Combos
Fire: Melting ice cube
Cutter: Ice skater
Ice: Snowball
Spike: Giant snowflake
Rock: Curling stone
Electric: Refrigerator which tosses out food!
Bomb: Snowman bomb

Spike Combos
Fire: Flaming Arrow
Cutter: Giant claws with spikes
Ice: Giant snowflake
Spike: Giant Swiss army knife
Rock: Spinning drill
Electric: Lightning rod
Bomb: Spiky bomb

Rock Combos
Fire: Volcano
Cutter: Various random sculptures
Ice: Curling stone
Spike: Spinning drill
Rock: Giant stone golem
Electric: Giant ball-and-chain
Bomb: Dynamite stick (press down to get hard hat, too!)

Electric Combos
Fire: Static electricity - running flame
Cutter: Darth Maul
Ice: Refrigerator
Spike: Lightning Rod
Rock: Giant ball-and-chain
Electric: Tesla coil-like electric sphere of Doom
Bomb: Light Bulb! Useful for lighting up dark areas.

Bomb Combos
Fire: Fireworks
Cutter: Shuriken thrown at enemies
Ice: Snowman bomb
Spike: Spiky bomb
Rock: Dynamite stick
Electric: Light Bulb
Bomb: Set of 3 homing missiles (longer you hold, more missiles)

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