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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Basic Gameplay

This game really is set up so you can just pick up a controller and go. You move around with the joystick. Each system of course has its different button "names" but your three main actions are to fire your weapon, jump in the air, fire your secondary weapon (grenades etc). Just hammer your 4 main buttons to see which does which :)

The big key here is you can switch between your two (or more) main characters in "story mode" which parallels the actual movies. Then when you finish in story mode, you can replay in "free mode" meaning you can use ANY character you have unlocked. You can take Yoda through the cantina, have Han Solo active when he should have been frozen, and so on. It's great fun.

There are different items that can only be used by certain characters. This usually means that they cannot be used at all in "regular mode" - that you have to return in free play mode to get to them. The basic end result is that you should NOT stress about getting everything (or in fact anything) during your regular story mode pass through. Just go through the story. Go back and get all the mini-kits and bricks when you're in free play and have all the character types available.

Only droids can open the droid doors. Only force characters can activate the shiny blue force spots. Only DARK force characters (Darth Vadar, the Emperor etc) can activate the red force spots. Only bounty hunters can blow up the shiny metal objects, with their grenades. Any time you play in free play mode you're guaranteed to get one each of all of these characters so you can get to every area of the level.

You can also construct your own characters!! Those are the "final 2 spots" in your selection grid. You can only use them on free play of course, but you can roam around any level as the character of your creation. Quite fun!

Do NOT worry about money. You will be literally rolling in money by halfway through the game. Just play and enjoy the fun, and once money starts coming in, you'll be deluged. You literally end the game with four BILLION studs.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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