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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Jabba Door / Bountyhunter Missions

The Jabba door, once you unlock it (seems to be when you unlock a bounty hunter character) leads to a tiny room with Jabba hanging out in it. He offers 10 different Bounty Hunter missions. In each one, you are in a given level with a 3 minute timer. You have to track down a certain character. You have all 6 bounty hunters to use, which are interchangeable characters. The amount of studs you earn is based on how much time is left when you find the character you're after.

1: R2D2
This is sort of the training mission. You're in the room with the ridge to build with the 'maze' beneath it. Race to the 'build the r2 door spot'. You can do this with 2 min left once you know where to go.

2: Obi Wan
You start in the room where you're sliding bombs to the four different spots. Note that the droid can open R2 doors, and 4LOM can open C-3PO doors. Obi is on the right in the last room of the Jawa ship before you go outside again, on the right. 15 sec = 3k coins

3: Chewbacca
You start at the cantina exit. Chewy is on the far left of the series of high coin doors. Immediately go up and over to the next board, then run straight for the normally blastable door and just bomb it open with your built in bombs. Run forward and left.

4: Leia
You start at the rotating bridge area where you turn the vent to turn the bridge. For this exercise, you don't have to do that because you can just jet over. She's in a prison cell, but it's the third one on the left.

5: Admiral Ackbar
You start in Hoth on the sliding chessboard. Go through the C-3PO door. Ackbar is in the center tube area. Blow up the side, build the pile near him then it opens up.

6: Yoda
In the treehouse, on the left hand side, at the very beginning in the treehouses. Work your way back all the way left - build a lever to spin around and raise a platform. Then float over to the left to the platform and ride it up.

7: C-3PO
C-3PO is in cloud city. You start in the long hallway. Note that IG88 opens droid doors too. It's funny - if you run to the room you initially found C-3PO in here, that's a fake 3-PO!!!

OK, the actual way. Run straight down the hall going around to the bounty hunter door. Go straight in the four way to the C-3PO door. Turn left. Now at the pair, go through the left bounty hunter door. He's up with the flowers and palm trees.

8: Lando
You start out by the treadmill where you press the button to let the droids through, at the curved area. Lando is in the room with the 2 broken levers by the window.

9: Luke
Start out in the fenced area of the spaceport, i.e. the area where you build the AT-ST. Luke is up on top of the tower so take the normal setps to get up there.

10: Han Solo
You start out in the frozen Hoth base by the cafeteria. He's up high right in the train room where the train begins, with the spinny vent. Start the train going and ride it to him.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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