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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode IV - A New Hope / Secret Plans

This is of course your traditional training mission. It gives you simple situations and explicit instructions on how to solve them. To start with, you learn how to hold B in two different areas to "build" to get coins. It seems sort of silly here but remember you're learning a technique. It gets much more fun later on. On the left is a lever to pull, to get some studs. This is your currency here. Shoot everything you see to get even more. You can blow up lots of things!

In the hallway, shoot everywhere including jump shooting. You should have over 10,000 studs by the time you hit the ending pair of levers. Pull them down, and you'll get the door open.

Now you're in a long hallway. Go left, blasting everywhere. Shoot the stormtroopers that come in through the door. Then go right (not through the door) and blast everywhere. There's a fun hat machine that will put new hats on you! You can get cowboy hats, red baseball hats and top hats. Later in the game this actually matters :) You can see the mini-kit past that right door but it closes when you get near.

You pass a C-3PO door on your left as you head towards the door that was blasted open. When you go through you now have almost 24,000 studs, just to show how quickly you rack them up :) Grapple twice up in here. There's a little door to use later on when you return in "free play". Not that the way these missions work, you NEVER do everything on your first pass through. The first pass is just to unlock the level. When you come back in free play, that's when you can get to all locations. Press and hold B to "build" the bridge. Note you can't jump into the chute thing :)

Go across the bridge into the next room with stormtroopers. Pull the levers to pull out 2 power chargers at the far end. Shoot one of them until it goes all red and explodes - it will take out the other one and Darth Vader will run away. Chicken!

The next room has a bounty hunter door for free play. There's a 1/3 near here. Shoot all the explodable things you find here. Move along. The next room has some friendlies and a stormtrooper door on the right. This is where I hit "true jedi" by having filled up the stud o meter.

Levers on the left get you some flowers and studs. On the right you get to watch Vader torture people repeatedly. Move along. The next room has 2 pillars that can be pushed. Push each one along to the red area on the floor. When each is in place the next door opens up.

Have C-3PO push the button in here to see the scene. Now R2-D2 opens the end door. Time for some crane fun. Press Y to man the crane and watch its shadow - put it above a stormtrooper. Grab him like in those toy-grabbing-martian-games and drop him into the abyss. When the rebel is clear, he'll lower a bridge for you. Wait for C-3PO to cross, then crane him across to the far end. Now run over to him (jumping the chasm) and take him over, to get him to open the door. Note you can go up to the center ledges but not the edge ones, you'll have to come back for those.

Your poor rebel friends have been caught. fight through to the next area and build a bridge for C-3PO. There'll be a stormtrooper area on the left, and then another bridge.

Finally you get to the ending room. R2 opens a door to the left, with an activation lever. He then opens a center door with a hot tub with stormtrooper dudes lounging in it! Trigger the lever in here too. Note there's a dark side spot in here. The lever allows C-3PO to open the right door, which is to the escape pod.

When you enter the escape pod, this level is over. You see the escape pod blast off. Captain Antilles is thrown down, Darth mumbles at Leia, and the droids are on Tattoine.

free play
gold brick +1
episode V and VI unlocked
rebel friend

true jedi story 100%
stud total 105390
mini kit 0
level complete 1/99 bricks
true jedi 2/99 bricks

2.8% done


the door on the right is a dark side door to get a mini-kit. it's a double score zone full of cash.

The C-3PO room on the left is a small perspective room.

The area with the jawa door gets you down to the right half, then come back up. Now thermal detonate the silvery thing to go down the other side and get the mini-kit. Pair of platforms on right - another mini-kit.

Bounty hunter door - go in, a new corridor At the end - build to make a door and get a mini-kit. 2/3 is in here on the left. You can build a little rolling jeep. 3/3 is just pas there. Now you go into the garden area.

In the block pushing room jump up a forced platform to get a mini-kit

Right before the crane room, force the very first top left brick (it rotates) for a mini-kit.

In the crane room, put the car onto the thing in the lower right for a mini-kit

Stormtrooper door further on - pair of c-3po spots - you send 2 guys out into space

Therma detonate the shiny thing to get mini-kit

Dark force in the hot tub for a mini-kit.

Brick spot - first shower stall to the right.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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