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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode IV - A New Hope / Through the Jundland Wastes

OK, have some fun! There's a castle to build in the sand plus beasties to ride. The enemies are endless here so don't complain about it, just accept it and blast away in between your stud-gathering activities. If you ride the banthas and "leap" off of them you can get to the up high areas. If you get shot while on them, you lose your coins, so be careful.

When you're done with this area, blast away at the boulders to the left of the chasm to create a path across. When you get to the other side, "build" a rappel spot on the right to go up for a few coins. Note that on the left is a dark side spot for free play later on. You can also see down to a door area on the lower left, again for free play time.

There are more things to force and build for money. This includes a trio of triangles that you can build beneath a mini-kit and, for now, blast them for money. Build a little path up the sandy hill and go forward.

In the next area, reflect the blaster bullets back at them by hitting the button just as they hit your saber. Then build a platform and jump up to nearby coins. Be sure to go "backwards" (towards the screen) to get all the coins hiding in there. Now push the platform forward to get to the next ledge forward. Be sure not to touch the swamp! Swamps are bad :)

Build a rappel platform on the other side and go up for more coins. Continue along the path. You'll find droids to build, and build another rappel spot. Use the force to pile up the 2 blocks. Jump up and use force to bring down a platform. Now Luke can rappel up and land on that, and pull the lever. Keep doing this combination of things until both of you get up to the top of the entire Jawa vehicle. Blast away at everything up here. Pull the levers. Now clear out the rest of this outside area

Time to get sucked inside. Bash away at all the ladders, then turn all the wheels with force to get money. Build a bunch of droids as you go along your path. Pull the lever ahead and to the right to get an explosive block. You're going to have to do this 4 different times. Push each one along to its designated spot then shoot it to blow it up and get the item behind. One of these is a mini-kit, 1/10.

Note that the Jawas can zap droids with their guns and temporarily disable them. If this happens to R2D2, just be patient, he'll be OK again soon. Get R2D2 to open the door. Head on in. Now you're in a room with spinning fans in the floor. Step on all 4 then pull the lever on both sides to make a bridge. Get a blue stud on the back left just by blasting the grate there.

In the next room, press and turn the green lever COUNTERclockwise to choose C-3PO, then have R2D2 use the console to get him out of captivity. Now take him ALL the way back to the beginning of the ship to have him open his door. This gets you into a living room area. Bash everything, force everything. Then use the R2D2 door in here for even more money.

Head forward again to where you were.

Go through the C-3PO door to the next room. Build a ramp up to the door on the left. C-3PO lowers something for you to build, and then shoot everything in sight. You should now be a true jedi!

OK time to head out. In this area, have the droids drain the swamps with their consoles. This makes the ground safe for humans to walk on. You also get goodies by having access to the previously-swamp area. Build the little bridge in the lower right for R2D2 and the rappel spot for Luke to get the mini-kit here. 2/10.

Be sure to blast away at both "drainers" to get flowers and cash. Rebuild the 2nd one into a platform, and use the force to first put down the 2 pointy objects then this platform on top to get up high. Go forward.

Use your force powers to make a bridge in the upper right area, then on the right go up and push the slider of the ledge. "Build" its broken bits into a bridge for C-3PO to use. If you work hard you can double-jump to the upper left area.

When this swamp is drained, destroy the 2 drainers again. Then build a platform to go upto a "double score" zone in the upper left.

Now you've reached a speeder area. Build it and take a person across to the right. Build the console to make the bridge. Now take Obi out to the islands and have him force everything. Then send Luke out there to go up for the Mini-Kit. Do the house last - when you go in here, the level is over.

luke skywaker tatoine
ben kenobi
force 100%
studs 177360 -> 291280 (I did this one twice)
mini-kit 3/10

3/99 level complete
4/99 true jedi story

Free Play

In the second area past the boulders that fall, there's a dark force door on the left. Build on the left, you get 2 skeletons that dance. Bash the wall - use dark force - now make a bomb - now you can get to a mini-kit.

At the rappel spot next, rappel up. Now use R2 over to the left. Go into the tiny door and get a mini-kit.

Hmmmm, does putting up the path up the sandy slope end the infinite barrage of tuskan raiders?

By this sandy slope, across from the visible mini-kit by the 3 triangles on the left is a whole little village area with huts and a well. There are lots of things to destroy in this village. There's a lower area with train tracks leading in to red brick. Jawa door area on the left - to get to coins on a slide. The train gets the brick. The way to get here is to go all the way back to the start - to the very first area. The one with the two banthas. In this area, go to the far right. You'll see a chasm "ahead", i.e. away from you the game player. Switch to Boba and fly across the chasm. Set the charge then float back before it explodes. This allows you to get to the whole village area.

Note that while R2 can merrily ride in lakes, R2 can't go in the sludge.

On top of the jawa crawler, blow up the shiny things - get 2 buttons - stand on them. When you do, a little door appears. This lets you get to a mini-kit.

Move on to the 4 buton on floor spots. Dark force the spot in the floor - you just get money.

There's a dark force spot on the wall which opens a mini-door area. This opens a spot with 2 buttons - press on them. Now dark force the lever to enable a spot over the lava. Now the lava flow turns off. You can R2 over to the mini-kit.

After the Jawa ship, use the force area on the left. There is all sorts of stuff to do including a mini-kit.

Park the beastie on the right button and stand on left - this gets you the mini-kit.

In the main area, blow up the shiny area by the swamp. Now R2 across to the door that it hid - and go in to get up higher. This is just for a few coins.

At the mini-kit in the nook, jump on the pillar and it'll lower down to the mini-kit. Easy!

On the final stage with the islands, you can use one speeder to push the other speeder over to the dock.

unlocks fast force
build a jawa thing - 50k bonus

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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