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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode IV - A New Hope / Mos Eisley Spaceport

You start in an outpost town, a hive of villany and despair. There are lots of things to build and gather here. Note there's a double point area up and right. There's also a stormtrooper only door to the immediate right, to visit when you come back in free play mode.

At the far end of town is a ledge with stormtroopers - force the stairs to get up, slay them all, then use C-3PO to open the lower door. The bounty hunter door up high has to do with the carrots you find here and the mini-kit that goes with them; this can only be gotten during free play. Make sure you force, then build, then destroy everything in here - even though the really annoying stormtroopers keep regenerating. Be patient and get all the points.

Move on to the next area. Force everything first, then blow everything up. Force the 3 boxes into a pillar for the minikit on the right.

C3PO can use the right door to get out some parts, and there's more parts from the left too. You are assembling an AT-ST. Of course when it's fully assembled, a stormtrooper shows up and hops in! This is a REALLY annoying boss - blast away from as far away as you can. When the stormtrooper finally pops out, kill him and jump in immediately.

There are two walls to break through with this robot. One heads forward and the one on the lower right is into a dead end double score area. Gather up the points.

When you're ready, stomp ahead. Another robot will come out to play with you. Take him down. You'll get to a low door that the robot can't get past.

Now you go into the cantina. Shoot out the door's laser guards so your droids can come in, then all four of you stand on the buttons to open the main door. It's torture! There are tons of force things in here but you only have Han and Chewie for now. You'll have to come back later in free mode. Destroy every chair in sight! Then go out the door on the right.

There's a barrel by the door - 1/3 turnips. OK, now we're hunting down turnips. Go up the rappel spot. Build the next rappel spot here and go up again. You'll reach a bounty hunter only door for free play.

Rappel across to the lever and pull it. Now push the bomb down and over to the door. Shoot it - it blows up and takes the door along with it.

The elephant spy guy runs through. Note there is a TON of money behind the doors! There's a funny theater playing Star Wars at 8:30 too! That's an R2D2 spot for later on. There's turnip 2 on the side of the door. Pushing the slider on the track gets the dark side area.

Jump up from the dewback to the upper level to get the lever. You can get a red baseball hat and Indiana Jones cap too.

Jump up to the left to proceed. In the next area, go down the stairs and through the door. NOTE once you go through this door you can't go back again. Now you're at the Millenium Falcon. The elephant dude keeps calling in reinforcements, so take him out as quickly - You can't start hurting him until he's got a health bar.

You all get onto the Falcon. As you fly away, you see a stormtrooper give another one a noogie!

han solo

minikit 1/10
5/99 level complete
6/99 true jedi story

9.5% complete


In the entry town area, there are 3 carrots buried in the earth. There's one in lower corner by the stormtrooper door and plant you can force-grow, one in the middle left of the area in a barrel and one in the upper far right. then minikit appears. You need to have a bounty hunter to go across the upper area, to release the fan parts to float up to it.

Dark force the hole in the upper area on the right for a mini-kit

Use the force on the smaller cans on the left to get pieces to make an R2 door, gold brick - super lightsabers

Blow up the silver thing by the "tilting tower" to get a vent to turn, make a rappel spot, and go up for a mini-kit.

If you drive your speeder into the double score zone and pull the 2 levers, you can watch it get washed.

The stormtrooper area in first area - hot tub and showers with minkit

In the cantina, crawl in for the mini-kit as a Jawa from the next room.

Turnip 1/3 right outside the cantina
Turnip 2/3 is in the bounty hunter area with orange doors - force those for a mini-kit.
Turnip 3/3 is left of the movie entrance

Use R2D2 to get in the movie - double score zone, blast the screen for a mini-kit.

In the hot tub toom, turn on the water spigots (behind the stormtrooper door) for a mini-kit in the hot tub area

Go under the floating blue coin with a landspeeder - the landspeeder's blast clears out the vent - now you can ride up to it.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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