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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode IV - A New Hope / Death Star Escape

You're in the trash compactor. Where did your stormtrooper costumes go? Build the platform, then pull the lever to get out.

Shoot away in the next hall, passing a C-3PO spot. You then pass a hat spot. Grab one or two.

In the next room, you're in a big platform area. Go right to the lever. You pull it multiple times to get the rappel spot to different parts of the room.

Push the large blue platform on the far left over next to the spinner with the red and green vanes. Now the spinner will allow the platform to go up and down. Push the vanes to get the platform up, and then you can rappel over to land on top of it.

Once you're up on the far left platform, go to the lever. pull this down to receive a sliding explosive brick. This opens up the lower grate, to get the slidy hover vehicle - like a floor washer.

Your key here is to slide down all 5 red squares at once. It's a challenge because the vehicle steers poorly, but it can be done of course, and you need to learn how to do this for future levels. When you get them a new bridge comes out.

Go back for helmets then go forward through the stormtrooper door.

Use the control to wash the windows - you get a minikit. Note you can see one on the "near side" but you can't get that until free play. Shoot the enemies in here. Then go forward and right. Build the controls and pull the lever - the door opens.

Pull both levers in here and push the blue slider along the path on the floor. When it gets to the end it goes into a nook. Pull the next lever to keep going down the hallway. Note the dark force arae to the right with a mini-kit.

The next area is circular. Pull all 3 levels to get a rotating blue vane to hop across. Rappel up to get the elevator activating lever. Drop down to build the power to get it going up and down. Rappel back up and hop on the moving elevator. Hop off at each side platform for coins. A platform on the left gives you hats.

At the final platform is a force mini-kit up high that you'll get later. There's also a stormtrooper door. Wave at the camera!

Now you're in a short hallway - go up and through the door.

In this area, build the rappel spot. Rappel across and build the next rappel spot. Of course shoot at the enemies while you do this. There's a hat machine in this second spot hallway.

Go through the stormtrooper door at the end, and you get box 1/3 on the ahead left before the door. If you go left you get a mini-kit on a ledge. Blast the door to get through it. Now keep going forward and blast away more of the wall to get 2/3 and 3/3 for a minikit.

There are a TON of guys in the next area, blast them all away including the guys on the ledge. Use both levers on both doors to block them temporarily to give you time to build yourself a new door. There's a mini-kit up high that you'll need to come back with the force to get. Blast the new door to get into the final room.

OK the big construction sequence. The Millenium Falcon is down below the red area. First, go right and get to the left of the blue object. Push that along to the right to get buildy pieces to rappel up. Go up to pull the lever and start the Falcon coming up. It releases a wave of enemies too.

Now go to the lower right and push the slider in the direction indicated. You get R2D2, C-3PO and a Mini-Kit too!

Send R2D2 over to the right to use hise console, this releases more troops and also raises the falcon up a little bit.

Now go to the far left - using the R2D2 door there to raise up the floor cleaner vehicle to get the 5 lights on the floor.

Have C-3PO float up in the steam by the entrance door to use his console to raise the falcon up just a bit more. He can watch Darth and Obi fighting. He has to go to the end of the ledge to jump back down.

Note that the enemies here aren't endless - they just come in a new wave each time you raise the falcon a bit.

Once the falcon is fully raised, and you kill the final wave of enemies, you all get onto the ship. Sadly, you see Obi allow Darth Vader to kill him.

mini-kit 4/10

Free Play

At the C-3PO door at the beginning, this leads to another trash area. build things in here - force the grill to light it on fire. Now force the fridge for the gold brick.

You get a mini-kit at the end of the corridor that is on a little platform, before you get to the 3/3 exploding half-cylinders of elevators.

There's a mini-kit in left side dark spot just after the stormtrooper helmet spot.

In the window washing room, blow up the shiny things on the left. Now rappel up to the jawa door. This comes out on the right with the 2 blue gems.

In the ending area, get into the Vader fighting area with the bounty hunter door for a mini-kit. There's a clock in there, with a cuckoo. What does the stormtrooper "door" in here do? hmmmmmmmm.

The brick - invincibility

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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