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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode IV - A New Hope / Rebel Attack

OK be warned, this is going to be REALLY annoying until you get the hang of the steering system here. Drive around a bit slowly for a while to get the hang of it. Here is what you're doing. First, you shoot out little bullets out of your ship's nose repeatedly, with infinite ammo. It's good to just always have this button pressed down to shoot :) Now, in addition to this, you have purple bombs that are auto-seeking. You collect these bombs at a "bomb factory", that's purple on your map. If you hang out near it, it will supply you with bombs in a trail behind you. You can always go back for more if you need them.

So you start in a first area. There's a red shield blocking your progress, but no doors. So you have to take down that shield. Meaning you have to find its power and blow it up. First, go to the purple spot to the left of the shield, and gather up some bombs.

Release a bomb on the target and the shields go down

Next area - door with shield - four things to hit, then shoot out door

Next area - two different power supplies. take out first one with 4 purple spots near it. Now fly forward and get the 4 spots near the other power supply to the right. Note there are doors in this area that you can't use yet.

Next area - again, two areas. follow the red lines. one is to the right of the door with 4 spots. The other is further back to the left. Shoot the doors to go through. Now you're heading towards the trenches. You see a clip of Darth Vader and his minions.

You fly a brief way then get a clip of Han helping you out.

Now you have to take out 3 different sets of floor turrets. They only come up when you fly over them so only activate them one at a time. When they're all clear you have to launch 2 purple bombs - one to take out the shield and then one to take out the Death Star

boom !

free play unlocked

episode iv super story unlocked

x wing
y wing

finish story - everyone cheers

Free Play
spinny in area 2 - hit to get mini-kit

another spinny by 2nd tie door

third spinny in third area just below power station

spinny in final chute area

across from tie fighter door - in first tie fighter area - blue vertical bars, mini-kit

through another tie fighter door - bunches of green things to fly over to light up - this is much easier with two people - mini-kit

to the right of tie fighter door - hole blast in the wall - get a mini-kit

inside tie-door (on right) blue force field - you have to drag bombs to each pair of orange ones, one on either side, in the area with two sets of power - then blow up the door to left just after them, right before the trench.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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