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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode IV - A New Hope / Gold Brick / Super Story

In essence when you unlock this, you can do ALL the chapters from Episode IV back to back in one long stretch, and get the best time and score possible on it. Set aside a lot of time for this one! It's really not "hard" - if you've played all the levels a few times it's easy to zip through them one after another. Just be steady and patient. In this full long game version you don't drop coins - it's total coins you gather across the levels.

For the character bonus, it's Mos Eisley. "Death is the thing that really kills you on this" says my ever-wise boyfriend. Get invincibility and it's super easy, we hit 3:57 without trying.

For the death star mini-kit bonus, you get to choose from all mini-kits you've built. Use the Falcon. You want to be fast, but not so fast that you overshoot your studs all the time. Turrets won't regrow so get rid of these quickly. Try above all else not to die - this adds a huge time lag.

Coin generating spots need to regenerate so do long loops to give them time to do so. Go downscreen to gather up the torpedoes. There's one "unique" spot in here that doesn't regenerate but gives a ton of studs when you blow it up. It's about 200k in one blast. The right side is pretty valuable, with lots of cash to gather. We can hit 4:27 in here.

A star destroyer in mini-kit levels is indestructable but slow.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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