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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / Hoth Battle

A long intro scene sets the stage for this one. You of course have the big walkers and the little ships flying in between their legs. This is a flying mission with your snowspeeder using "B" to send out its tow cable.

Note if you fly "backwards" and around to the left you'll find a tie-only door, useful for later free play.

Fly forwards, shooting everything in sight. You'll find minikit 1 in behind the wall on the right. Grab a ball along the way with your tow cable, from its spot on the right. Try to avoid the little droidy things which will get tangle up in your cable. Throw it into the tunnel.

Now you can enter into a new area. You have the infamous AT-ATs where you wrap around their legs to make them fall. Another tie door is on the left. Move on to a second AT-AT. This one, when it drops to its knees, quickly go get a bomb and drag it over to the AT-AT. It'll blow up the wall for you. Now send another ball into the wall behind there to go through.

OK you eventually hit another wall - pretty far away from the ball site. Now your challenge is to get the ball all the way to this wall without it being hit on something!

On we go. You have a cut scene showing a number of the droids coming in - 11 of them in total. Your HUD will show them for you to count down. Fly around the screen blasting everything in sight but of course specifically those droids. You get a minikit in a cmplex to the left in here.

When all the droids are dead, you now see AT-STs coming in - again, 11 of them. Another mini-kit is further to the left in a regular destructable.

Now you're in trouble. It's an angry pair of AT-ATs. Yes, you've seen the movie. You know what's called for. Use your tow cable to run circles around their legs and tangle them up. You then have to bowl it to death.

You think that was hard? Now you have 4 droids, 6 AT-STs and an AT-AT all at the same time. You are zooming around blowing things up left and right. By this point everything on the "landscape" should be gone. Blas the random smaller enemies then tie up and bowl the AT-AT.

Now you see a cut-scene of a little Luke climbing up to an AT-AT and blowing it up.

Unlocked -


Don't go slow over the holes! There's a tie door on the left - fly over the holes, there's a mini-kit on end at right.

Behind the wall in this area (blow it up with bomb) - ice tunnel. This is a double score zone! There's another mini-kit in 2 white cylinders on the left.

There's a minikit on the left just inside the tunnel. There's a brick behind that last wall in this tunnel. The final mini-kit in the pile on the right before first wall after the tunnel. For this one you have to tow a ball all the way from before the tunnel.

The block is Self Detsruct

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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