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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / Escape from Echo Base

The poor little rebels are in trouble. Han and Leia are in a control room. There's an R2 room here for later. Bash away at everything - don't fall in the pit that is "towards the screen" near the R2 door. Build the rubble by the door to explode it and go forward.

Snowtroopers are here to play with you. At the enxt wall, build a 3-tier heater and hit it to melt the door open. The enxt room is a cafeteria area. Blast everything you see. TO the right, push the heater forward to melt the ice by the door.

Another long hallway to run down with a few snowtroopers. There's a C-3PO behind a wall. Build the gun turret and hop on. Blast away as another set of enemies come in. You can keep this up for quite a while if you wish. The left path is blocked - so blast your way right and go forward.

In this next room, start the little train going around on its track. Turn the vane in the center to cause the train to go down the other path and blas topen the rocks. There is a mini-kit up high to get later on.

Go forward to the room with C-3PO in it. There are 4 spots here - but only 3 of you. Go back to the C-3PO door and blast it open. He'll open the door for you. Head in - this is a room with slidy boxes in it. This is a big room with various enemies so clear those out first. There's another turret for you to build.

Push the boxes into their spots. Each one will sink down and green lights will light up. You can only put 4 in for now.

In the center, build a C-3PO vehicle. Get him onto the back of it with the air vents. Now drive near the far edge platform and get out - he'll launch to that higher ledge area.

On to the next room. The white grates in the floor lead to pits - avoid them. Build at the end to bomb open the door. The next area is cave like with thin passageways. You can't go "left" because it makes you slide back. Go further forward and around - what you have to do is roll down the hill over all 5 buttons - you can do this on 2 passes. Now you can go through the door.

This next room is relatively small. Step on the 3 bottons to open the far door. First, have C-3PO open his door to the left. This is a double score zone. Bash away! It's rather pink in here. Then go back through the door you'd opened before and gather coins. There's a slidy path to the left you can't go up yet with dark force spots. Head forward.

This is the stables / ship storage area. The falcon is behind a force field in the back of the room. Build the 2 gun turrets facing it. Pull the pair of levers to the left. You'll get a pair of boxes to slide. Chewie is here with you. Push the boxes into their spots on the floor. Now the two Ton-TOns are free.

Go all the way back to the C-3PO room and step on the spots for a mini-kit.

OK back to the falcon. Use the turrets to shoot away the force field generators. **PC USERS NOTE**!! There apparently is a bug where, if you have "Plastic Reflect Effects" (a graphic setting) turned ON, it won't let you destroy the generators. Make sure you turn it OFF. Then use the Ton-Ton to jump up on top. Build your gun array and gather up the studs. Build the door mechanism so the ramp lowers. Enemies will come dropping in from the sky. Head on in!

You see Darth Vader coming in - everybody flies otu to safety.

han solo - hoth
princess leia - hoth

Free Play

Use your jedi powers to put 4 phones in proper places - minikit

At the R2 door - silly hat generator, some coins

In train room jump on it before you set it loose for mini-kit

now in the next room - use heaters to thaw skeletons. now assemble them. They give coins. There are four buttons in here - only 2 of you (plus 2 unhelpful skeletons)

In the room with many sliders on the ground - use force to levitate a block up then dark force the box to get a minikit

On right, blast a hole in the wall for a mini-kit

push long through door on left explosive block - starts a vent going - lots of blue coins

side door - ice fishers - R2D2 door - you have to levitate up pieces of a mini-kit and build it. The sled just slides in figure 8s

C3PO room - double score zone - can get true jedi here at 80k. blow up corner spot - can get into windowed room now. build control to get mini-kit in blue jar (Ackbar is here in bounty hunter part)

Later on slidy slope use dark force to make stairs. If you miss one you have to start from the bottom again. When you get up here there are jackpot machines to spin - they open doors down by the millenium falcon. it's in R2 door. Also get up to little bubble area on surface with mini-kit

Now in falcon room get power brick too behind other one.

last mini-kit in c-3po launching room - look for dot on floor in center lower of grey floor area

brick - fast build ability

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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