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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / Falcon Flight

This is a space battle, and you have a HUD with a counter of 16 gun turrets. You have to fly in amongst the enemy spaceships (not giant enemy crabs) and destroy those gun turrets. When you do, you'll get a cut scene of an asteroid field.

The asteroid field is full of explodable objects to blast away. Make sure you gather up purple things - because at the end of a tunnel are 5 purple targets to blast at. When you get all of them, the tunnel blasts open so you can go through.

The next area has ... more asteroids. Once again, blast away at them, gathering up studs and purple balls. Shoot the enemies too of course. One of them has a mini-kit in it. Yes, you get another block point with four purple spots in it to target.

You're now flying over the surface of an asteroid. Or a small moon, perhaps. Or maybe it's not a small moon, after all. If you don't have purple bombs with you, fly back to get some more. There are 2 on the ground, plus 4 necessary to blast through the blockage there. Note that there's a tie-door to the left.

OK we're in another asteroid field again, and you get a mini-kit from one of the small asteroids. There's a bit more challenge this time - the purple sopts are on a rotating large asteroid near the end. You have to shoot them early in their rotation cycle so the bomb has time to get to the spot.

You've reached the star destroyer. You get a cut scene of the infamous "float away with the garbage" scene.

millenium falcon


The gold brick is behind far right star destroyer. mini-kit behind near star destroyer.

On one of the asteroids, go through a tie door then get bomb on spot - get mini-kit

If you're collecting coins - go slowly - work horizontally.

There's a mini-kit on right in big aseroid field before "blockage" (2nd one)

tie fighter door #2 - a purple thing target

60k true jedi

big hole on aseroid near blow up spot. Fly into the mouth, double score zone.

mini-kit in asteroid to right as you enter the last asteroid field

brick - score x4

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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