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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / Dagobah

Met him in a swamp down in Dagobah, where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda. S-O-D-A Soda.

Luke crashes. You start at the swamp's edge. Build little ramps for R2-D2 to come up with you. There are bats to shoot - the poor bats! Bats are friendly, they eat mosquitoes. You get to a larger swamp area, shoot the snake and bats. Rappel across the swamp - R2 will use the swamp route.

At the far end, have R2 fly across to the R2 console to bring up a bridge for you. Bash the bushes to get through that area. Then go through the low tunnel area.

Build the "button" to raise another button. R2 can fly to this one - which raises a button the jumping-impaired-one can reach. Keep up the button pressing to cross the rest of the swamp area. You'll hit an area with lotsof bushes and force objects that you can't use right now. Be sure to avoid the swamp itself! Go right to reach Yoda's house.

Now it's time for some training. Yoda shows off his skills on the ivy fence. If you press Y naer Yoda he'll give you a hand. Now you have the light saber. Go over near Yoda and press Y to get him on yoru shoulders, and now you can use the force. Blast various flowers and such. Use a stomp-blast on the piles of rubbel then use force to send them into the swamp. It'll make a bridge to the little island. Fight it out with bats and snakes here. When it's clear, go for another button-pushing crossing.

Ground pound the circle to get a mini-kit. Now the key in the force area is to lower both mushrooms and then to jump up on them as they rise up to get to the higher R2 door area.

Here, build a tractor and wagon - an dthen the wagon turns into a bridge. Send R2 around in the swamp to the R2 spot - this raises a platform for your buddies to come and join you. Now have Luke rappel up .... oops - he can't! Oh well, that mini-kit must wait.

Now Luke is sent down into the scary cave. R2 valiantly goes down in with him. Wait, so does Yoda. Match the movie this does not.

Jump over to the button-platforms to cross to the next little island. There's another rappel spot to ignore for now. Keep going, and pass a little door. There's a mini-kit up high to the left here. There's a C-3PO door up high here too. Now hop right then left back and forth to another dirt path area. Pass the shiny pile to the right, that's waiting for a thermal detonator.

Now Vader shows up. Gather studs and build things in this arae. On the right, make a stack of the 2 big ones and go u to get coins. Now you can leap across to vader and have a sword fight with him. He has 8 hearts, so blast away. Ground pounds seem to work very well. About half way through Vader teleports to the right hand side. Jump up the pillars to get there and continue your fight. When he's defeated, the grate opens up.

You're back out into the swamp. Build a vane and push it to raise up the bridge. Build a little ramp so R2 can join you. There's lots of stuff on this side to gather and bash. The domes seem to be indestructable here. There's a pair of forceable platforms at the far end - get one and you and Yoda can raise them up to the top area. Push the sliding box off. Build the pirces that result into a motorcycle. Now you put this into the washing machine. Now force the washing machine. It breaks into a new configuration. Build this. Now you get a R2 console. Have him use it to open the gates.

Now it's time to raise the ship in classic movie fashion. Luke can't do it - but take control of Yoda and up it comes. Now you get the ghostof Ben watching over Luke.

luke skywalker pilot
luke skywalker dagobah

Free Play

At the start of Dagoba, make a pillar then jump across to the right from the treetop for a minikit

There's a double score zone inside Yoda's home. He has a plasma tv??? mini-kit.

In the vent room with Vadar, you have to drop a stormtrooper in the hole to get a mini-kit

Dark force the bridge thing over to the rappel spot in the cave for a mini-kit.

For the mini-kit in the cage - just shoot it down

There's a side room that has a collapsing floor with a mini-kit at the end

There's a mini-kit over the rappel spot on right before the gate, near the lever that you pull after going up the little door

For the brick: go up the ramp and beteeen the trees to the right and dark force the bushes behind the fence. Now jump across to the right to a race track. Bash the blue box to build a tractor. Drive it around to turn the red blocks in the track green. When all are done you get a brick.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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