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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / Cloud City Trap

Luke flies in to Cloud City to help his friends. Force your wing to make a bridge. Use your light saber to reflect back the laser blasts. Have R2 fly across to the other side on the left and use the control there. This opens out the bridge for the right side. Note there's a mini-kit right in front of R2 here.

Now go across to the right side. Have Luke build a console for R2. He opens the door. The next area has a lot of enemies come down into it. They're pretty much infinite. Send R2 over to open the console. This opens the door on the left. Push the green box over to the center to set into the door. Now build the pile in the far left to make a turret and force it over onto the mount you've made. Now you can easily take care of the door grate.

There's a bounty hunter door on the left. Go forward to the R2 door. This leads into a dark hallway area with a stormtrooper helmet machine. Darth Vader appears in the center area with 9 hearts. After a few, Vader will jump from vent to vent. Use R2 to use the console to blast him off the vents. Fight him again as Luke. Go through this a few more times. Of course, you don't kill him - he just runs off.

Get into the orange cage on the bottom - this is a crane, use it to put R2 over on the far right side. He will go over to a R2 station to put out a platform for you. Of course, this is a stormtrooper door on the main door. Go all the way back to the helmet spot and get a helmet. Wave and go through.

Build a fan in here to start a vent going. Use R2 beneath to get the sliding platform going. Vent up to the upper area and slide across to the right. There are 2 mini-kits up high in this area. Force the vent down below here to keep moving right. Now go back to the sliding platform. Drop down to the platform below it to press it down. Now R2 can come over to join you. Have him use the console to go up and down on the raising platform. Go into the door.

Vader now has 10 hearts in here plus some friends. There's a mini-kit in a cage, too. Build a few things including a ramp for R2 to go up. R2 will start the vents up high to get Vader in motion. Go fight with him. Now put R2 onto the plagform and turn the vent for him to activate the vents up there. Keep working through this venting to wear down Vader.

Use the red turning of the vent to get the ledge back down for R2, and send him back up again as necessary. When he's otu of hearts he runs out the door. Follow him out.

Now you're on a platform in a floorless room. Hit the square to get the mini-kit from beneath the floor. Send R2 over to activate the floors and take careof the stormtroopers. Now Vader will start dark forcing things at Luke. Luke has to then force them mid-air back at Vader 4 times. You have to do this sequence 3 times.

Now you're in an outer platform area. The mini-kit is over to the left. Force a platform and chase Vader. From this 2nd platform jump "towards the screen" to get another mini-kit. Have R2 go down below the next platform to trigger an elevator. There's an imperial door here.

Fight a bit more for the final hand chopping scene!

luke skywalker - bespin


ground pound behind xwing on entry page, get brick

minikit at very beginning - R2 over to R2 door then bounty hunter the metal grate

bounty hunter door on left - minikit

in platform area - shoot blue wall hanging to get it to a forceable state to turn into a platform

on turret room - have to hit the bars on the left not ground pound it

in vader fight sometimes you have to swap users a few times to get vader to react properly

stormtrooper door near end - one behind that

brick is minikit detector

The "hole" one -
Defeat Darth and the pieces for the crane fall; put it together.
Troopers appear and start shooting at you.
You force a red lever on the platform to open the hole in the middle.
Use the crane to pick up a trooper and drop him in the hole and the pieces of the minikit pop out (in carbonite).
Put it together and you're there.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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