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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / Betrayal over Bespin

Lando is waiting when Han comes into the area with Leia. C-3PO hads off to the side while Vader captures Han. Soon Han is encased in carbonite and given to Boba Fett. In no time, Leia and Lando are fighting the Imperials with Chewie by their side.

There's a C-3PO door to the left here. Go forward enough, killing stormtroopers, until Boba turns the stairs into a slide and runs off. Then go back and build the wookie statue for 1/3. Blast the wall to the left to get a lever to get stairs again, and go up.

There's a boba and R2 door around to the left, but go down the right hallway. Boba's in here with a health meter - it's pretty easy to bash him a few times for him to run off. Have fun blasting in here. There's a mini-kit down below the force tree that you can't get to yet. Boba will run back to that bounty hunter door and open it for you. Go through.

There's a R2 door, a C-3PO door and a left door. Guess which way you have to go? There's Boba a-waiting. Shoot a few times to roust him, and build rocket 2/3. When you go out this door, you see Boba zoom off with Han. Now R2 joins your group.

Have R2 use the console to stop the gas, then go down to the R2 door. Bash everything in here, then push the item on the right over to the blue area on the left. This fixes the lever. Pull the lever down. Build C-3PO!

Use him on the C-3PO door and get yourself a hat. This is a lounge area with several stormtroopers. Clear them out. You now have 2 doors- one has a boba door and one is a stormtrooper door. Go through the stormtrooper door.

On this next platform, go "backwards" for a mini-kit. You'll get a ton of stormtroopers on the center area. Kill them all to get a buildable pile, which makes a rappel spot. Use the magnetic crane to transport the 2 droids. Rappel up, then build a lever to activate the elevator so the droids can come up to join you. Have someone jump the red beam and stand on the button so the others can get to that next area. Now have R2 sail across the next area to raise a bridge.

Rappel up just to shoot down a item with coins on the left - to the right is a mini-kit you can't reach yet. Bash one of the boxes and move the others so C-3PO can get through, and have him open the door.

Clear out the stormtroopers then build the rocket for 3/3 and a mini-kit. Next blast all the walls. More stormtroopers will keep coming in. Further on you can rappel up but only get a few studs for now. Going ahead, have R2 shut off the gas again. Left is an R2 door which seems to lead to a dead end porch. Right is a dark force switch door.

Go right and stand on both sets of buttons to activate both levers. You see the bridge being made. Go back around to the R2 door to get to it. When you kill enough stormtroopers, you can get on the falcon and fly off. Note there was a mini-kit on here that you can get in freeplay.

The falcon catches Luke without his hand, fleis off, and the movie is over.

Lando Calrissian
princess leia bespin

Finish story -

Leia is sad, Luke gets a fake hand, and Lando flies off to find Han.


minikit in middle of lounge room beneath the sculpture - force it

red brick up above back end of Boba ship. jump up near its front.

force the 3 sets of chairs in lounge area - get mini-kit

bounty hunter door goes up to lounge area - bash everything, force 2 pots - get mini-kit

double score zone with table - blow up everything, mini-kit comes from ceiling chandelier

score x 6 brick

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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