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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi / Jabba's Palace

You see Vader landing his ship. R2 and C-3PO head to the palace. You are Leia and Chewie. Gather up in this outer area, then build in front of the door. You'll trigger 3 guns - shoot each one several times to blow them up. Once all 3 are toast, the door opens.

Pull the two levers to shut the ceiling vents, then build on the left. The door to the right is a dead end with water. Straight ahead is a bounty hunter door. That leaves a path left and right.

Left - close the vent and get a hat. Leia and Chewy in their disguise can now throw thermal detonators. There's nothing else here. Right is an R2 door with a minikit. Go back outside to denotate the 2 shiny objects. The one on the left gives a rappel point but you can't quite reach the mini-kit. That needs to wait for freeplay.

Wave at the camera and go up the stairs. Luke joins you in here. Close both hatches first. Then slide the slider on the right onto the button. Force the items until you get a hatch into the ground. Build another boba door forward. There's an R2 door on the left.

This next room has a hat spot right at the entrance. Never a good sign. First, run left and close the hatch. Then build the item on the right. Luke can force raise it up to send Chewie over the top and let you into the lever room. There's a C-3PO door here. Pull the 2 levers to open the main door. Now thermal blast the big shiny doors.

Objective 1 - pull the lever to stop the green guys from coming down. Bash the devices on the sides of the door to raise it up. Blast the 'heater' four times to get the mini-kit behind the bars. Now go right and up the stairs. Avoid the white panels as you cross the bridge. Go through the gate and down the stairs. You see C-3PO stuck in a cage in here as well as R2. Pull a pair of levers on the right then build everything you can. Now you have a hoverbox and a four-way directional. Direct it over to the cage. Jump onto it and then into the top to get the droid out. You have a pair of droid doors here. Do the smash down with Luke to get the mini-kit to the left.

Time to head on. Have both droids work their side to open the door. Build another radio up here, then continue up. You'll hit a R2 door. You're now in a large room - go right and pull the lever to shut off the green guys. Hop on a spider and go to the far right corner, leap up to get the lever up here turned off. Build a platform to the other side, then jump across and finish the rest of the bridge. Now push the 3 pillars into the spots on the far right, with the lowest furthest to the right. Then force them to connect the ramp. Now everyone can go up and across. Spider jump up to the right to make a C-3PO door there. Now send R2 across the middle chasm to activate a bridge, then C-3PO opens the door.

Now you're going down a spiral staircase. At the bottom run straight ahead to close the vent, and get the one on the left too. When all the enemies are dead, a door will open. There's a bounty hunter hat maker here. Build the pile of bricks to get a new radio. They seem to like the Imperial Death March! Sneak into the next room - the green guys are playing air guitar! Close off the hatches in here quickly on the left and right. There's a suspicious curtain in here ... but look! It's Han!

Send Luke into the door by Han and get a stormtrooper helmet. Go use that door on the left to get a mini-kit and enough coins for True Jedi. Now have Leia release Han.Jabba laughs and your whole group is sent down into the pits. You all have to fight the giant beast which has 3 hearts. Build the rappel spot and use it - then R2 brings out some snacks for the beast. He'll eat the green guy in a certain spot and you have to blow up the bomb that is near there to take out a heart. Do this, twice. For the last one he'll eat in the doorway - run and pull both levers.

Unlocked super zapper red brick
princess leia boushh
luke skywalker jedi
han solo skiff

Free Play

Keep rappelling leftwards at the very entry area to get a mini-kit

Go left of the door, blow up the rocks with a bomb and rappel up - then float leftwards to get the mini-kit there

When you go in, go right and fly over water. pull the 2 levers. this opens a door ahead. double score zone. just lots of coins here.

The next door on the right - use the C-3PO door to open the gate and go in. In this room, there's an R2 door on the left. Open it - there's a mini-kit in a little room. Dark force the central area - this makes a hole and lots of coins. You can't actually go in the hole without dying.

In the next room go into the cells one after another, blowing up the beds in each to uncover a new pathway. There's a mini-kit You end up below the floors, through wall doors and more. Blow up the pile of items on the left to build a force platform. Jump up and left to get into the 2-lever room. Pull both levers to open the main brown gates. Blow up the pile behind to let you into an inner room.

In the next room the mini-kit is straight ahead behind a grate, up high. It is easy to get it in multi-person mode by flying up.

In the final monster room, jump up at the rappel spot.

From a Visitor -
I hope you can help me,I am stuck on lego star wars 2 for the xbox360 I am on episode 6 and am stuck on jabba's palace.When you assemble the item for chewie to go up on as you use the force so he can activate those 2 levers.I am stuck as when he jumps down there is one of those green guard things and he doesn't seem to kill it ,so how can i progress from there? as I left him to fight the guard for 10 mins and he still does not progress.Can you help me?

Lisa Says -
You should be Leia at that time, and jump on the platform and go WITH Chewie. If you do that, then the computer controlled Luke will automatically raise the platform for you. Whereas, if you're not Chewie or Leia at that point in time, computer controlled characters won't kill your enemies for you generally. That's what you are supposed to do :)

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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