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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi / The Great Pit of Carkoon

You start out on one of the prison barges, I believe they call them. Be careful when you're shooting "towards the main ship" on these first parts, so you don't loose any studs by accident from afar.

Pull the 2 levers to make a bridge to move on to the next step. There are numerous levers here, and after some work you end up with 2 turrets. Shoot away with them. On the third skiff you face Boba Fett who has a 4 heart health bar. Fight away!

You've reached the main ship. Force the little platform then jump left. As you head left, pull levers inside the lift up panels to create orange platforms. When you open the lat panel, jump up on top of it and go right. Push down a block to make a rappel spot. Now you can go up to a higher level, and head right to trigger the last - middle - orange platform.

Force the covers up, then your task is to make the spinner on the right to match the one on the left. Force the center tile to match, then vane-spin the bottom one. Now you can go in.

Build a pair of turrets to blast open the door. Next, build a C-3PO door on the left. This creates an elevator - ride it up.

Build a few things in here, then rappel up and push down the pieces. Once everything is built, start standing on the lit up squares. More will then light up. When you finish the set, you start playing a disco with a mix version of Imperial March - the green guys start dancing with you. They play air guitar on their axes!

Now Jabba is here - and Leia strangles him. R2 frees her.

OK, you're up on top. You get Leia with you. Kill the enemies - they keep coming in so kill a wave and then build in between when the next wave appears.

Go into the hole and under the path to pull the lever to open the blue door. Now push a ramp over so everyone can get up. Build the rappel spot to get up. Force everything to make a ramp up to the top. But you're not ready to go up there yet. Use the C3PO door on one of the two power stations to remove its force field. On the other one, jump stomp the blue grate to get a box - push it over to the glowing spot.

Use the turret up top to blast away at those 2 power stations. Use the R2 door on the left to charge up the gun when it needs ammo.

Unlocked -
Lando palace guard

Free Play Create the 4/4 turrets on the initial barges - two of them involve pulling the levers on the second barge to raise boxes, to push into their locations and then build. When you do, the mini-kit appears at the top of the spiral tower.

On this same barge, use the plank that goes "towards you the player". If you use R2 you can float forward, get the mini-kit then get back to the ship.

When you reach the main ship, go right. Go up to pull a pair of levers for a mini-kit.

From there, go forward to the rappel spot and pull the lever. Force open everything you see, open all the doors, and use all droid spots. The blank one is a C-3PO door. The final wall is a bounty hunter destructable wall. This gets you another mini-kit.

To the left of the spinny roulette puzzle, rappel up. There are 3 levers. With a force guy pull one and force the other at the same time for a mini-kit.

In the room with the C-3PO door, with jawa doors on either side, pull a pair of levers in here for a mini-kit.

When you get to the disco, if you really want to you can keep destroying and rebuilding the stereo for more money. In the room after it, destroy all the wall items on the left and build them to make a mini-kit.

Further on when you're back out on the small ship, break a box open to get a rappel spot. Rappel up into the ship's masts for a mini-kit. Now rappel up on the left side and go across right twice to get the brick.

Behind the jawa door under the main gun is a mini-kit.

In the final area where you're shooting the big gun, shoot just one of the spinners. Then you can go down the hole and get the mini-kit beneath.

Finishing gets you bounty hunter rockets. Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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