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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi / Speeder Showdown

This is almost all about riding the little, zippy speeders around in a loop through the forest. Get to know the forest well, and don't obsess about getting anything on the first pass. There will be many more passes :) Also do NOT worry about hitting the things that have radar dishes on them. Those are special items.

Force the platform, then have someone jump over and build a rappel spot. Rappel over to lower a platform for the waiting person. Now force a ramp to appear.

Make another rappel spot, in case you want to go back to the previous level. As you walk into this area, a pair of speeders are delivered to you. Look all around before you hop on, because once you get on, it's race time!

There are various mini-kits on this loop that involve a sequence of light-up floor items. There are 3-ramp pairs, floor light groups and so on. Blast away. Again, don't obsess if you miss something. You'll go around again. Eventually speeders come in to shoot. You have to kill them to end this set.

Now it's AT-ST time. Blow the turret up, and now the path opens up again. Get back onto the bikes, and you've got 2 more enemies to blow up. Soon you're back at a landing spot again.

A platform up on the right is for a mini-kit later on. On the left, build stairs and then a rappel spot to pull a lever. You get the rest of the pieces now - build an AT-ST. Blow up the turret. Speeder bikes again.

OK now there are 4 enemies to take on. You should be good at this by now. Chase them around and kill them. Get another turret to blow up. Next come 5 enemies. Take them down!

Now you're back in a landing area again. Come "towards the screen" and make the vane, then make the AT-ST. Have it shoot the 2 boxes. Force the pieces into a large bridge for the AT-ST to cross over. Now blast the power for the shields and you can go right.

The next area has a lot of plant life in it. Bash them all and make the rappel spot. That gets you a few coins. Push the slider box on the left - this makes a door for free-play to get the special brick. Pull the pair of levers to open the interior elevator. There's a stormtrooper door here seems to go with a mini-kit. Now go left for another elevator up.

Now you're on top of the platform complex. Pull levers to start the radar dishes spinning around. There are four of these. Now press the 4 buttons which take down the force fields and the AT-AT shoots the dishes for you. Now 2 new levers come up in the middle. Pull those and wait a minute - you guys run off as the structure explodes.

princess leia endor
luke skywalker endor

6/10 mini-kit

When you're at the AT-ST part, get in then jump out on the upper level. Dark force the bushes for an ewok door. Fly left, pull the lever which lowers a mini-kit in a cage to the lower area. Blow it up with a bounty hunter for a mini-kit.

Stop 2 has a pile of legos to build on the right. Bounty hunter the boxes to get 3 blocks.

Stop 3 has more things to build. Force the platform over to land on it, then rappel up and pull the lever.

In the final area, push the slider and make a little door to get a brick.

brick - score x8

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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