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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi / The Battle of Endor

The god C-3PO tells the Ewoks stories of Darth Vader. Wicket is part of your group now. Bash away in the treetops. there are hordes of bees around. Luke isn't here so no force can be used in regular gamepla. You can build a bbq spit, but it needs dark force. Keep going around to destroy and build things.

Spin the lever you built to make a platform. Send R2 across to get the mini-kit. Unfortunately, he can't pull levers though - that has to wait for later. Now send Wicket through the door on the far right. Have him build a bridge for the rest to go right. Use the C-3PO control to drop a rappel spot. Use the elevator on the left to get to the lever - it activates a platform but you need force to get it down.

So, on with your path. Rappel up to the lever on the right and pull it - this lowers a bridge. Head further right, down the spiral staircase. There's a checkerboard type flooring here. You have to shoot a bunch of enemies. Make the slider on the board and slide it to the far left area. Now send Wicket up into the door. Have him use the lever to lift the slider up higher. Now push it over to the blinky thing. This causes the 6-button platform to raise in the front of the map area. Step on the spots. Down you go!

You're on the forest floor now with lots of plants. Build the vane on the right to push it around to create a platform on the right. There's a rappel spot to build on the lower left. This gets you a mini-kit. Have Wicket hop up to the mini-door and press the button - now Leia can rappel over to the lever and lower the ramp. Work your way up the river bank. There's a dark force flower - and a mini-kit up the river that you can't get to yet.

Use the rappel spot to go up to the treehouse. Gather up loot. Build yourself a tractor and mow down the carrots. You can bash them once they're up.

Now push the buttons on each side to take down the fences. You get a wicket door on the left - he goes up to pull a lever and drop a rappel spot in pieces. If you then go back up to the dots the 3 rappelers can come up with you. It doesn't do anything yet. Go to the other side and build a ramp so the droids can go up here. Now go up on the left and you can get all 6 spots.

Shoot your way forward, using Wicket to get a few coins. There's a mini-kit you can't get yet. There's also force stuff on the right. Head on forward.

Now you reach a little jungle area with a fence blocking your progress. Shoot a few enemies and then examine the catapult. Use it a few times to blow down the fence. Now shoot the AT-ST a few times to get the stormtrooper out of it, then get in yourself and walk on forward. Shoot the next fence.

You now come into an area with more catapults and AT-STs. Destroy everything. A spinner lowers a platform which you can't use yet. Walk over to the platform and press the button. Now someone can go pull the lever - and build a rappel spot. Rappel up to another rappel spot. Build a ramp and everyone can get up to the door now. Use the R2 door.

Go in the building and shoot everything. Now shoot the door. Head into the control room - it has a hat spot for a stormtrooper hats plus random levers and such. Shoot the door on the right to go into a room with lots of enemies. Blast away at them. A button brings down an elevator for you. Use the R2 door to make the elevator go up. Fly across left to another R2 door. Use it - this lets out a pile of buildable things. Build one into an Ewok door. Also, go right to build a little bridge, now C-3PO can go across to his door. Use this to open up a lever there.

An ewok door goes into little mini-room to pull lever, this releases lever 2/4 in main room. You can see a mini-kit in here

The third lever up high opens up the 3rd part to door.

Now head back to the main room and go left. This is another room with lots of money and enemies. Build a floating tie interceptor. Next build a ramp up by sliding the box thing. Up there, C-3PO can use a door. Pull this lever - now all the door parts are open.

Note there's a stormtrooper only activator in here, which activates something in the next room.

When you're ready, go through the door and blast at the enemies. When you build all four spots in there, it makes the bombs - the structure explodes.

han solo endor


dark force the spit - you get popcorn

mini-kit in wooden gate - go up elevator, pull lever, now R2 to other side and dark force the pully - jump quickly onto the platform. pull the lever up higher for a mini-kit

now to the right - use C-3PO door, build a rappel spot. You see the mini-kit when you go up it. Go further right, jump onto a platform, force the central platform so it goes down, then jump on it and jump right to the next higher spot. Now force the central platform so it goes up and go left twice to the mini-kit.

in the next chessboard area, break the 4 rappel spots so bad guys don't keep coming up

at the waterfall - go to right side, go with Boba to top right area and fly up to get the mini-kit. Note: Apparently you can also get this during regular gameplay, if you build the tractor and drive it up the waterfall.

further on - you see the next kit on the left amongst many hanging balls. Put down platform, force down the ball. Jump left. stand on platform, force it up and fly left. fly left again and you've got it.

to the right, use the ewok door and then use the force to get to the center platform. cross to the left, force the platform up again, and hop right to get the mini-kit

now go inside. Find the buttons to make 3 platforms to get to the higher area. Use the C-3PO door to make a lever, and pull it. From there, float across to the other C-3PO door. Blow up the tubes here. Go down. Dark force the floor - push the slider over to the far right and see it go inside. now call the stormtrooper over - he stands by the phone. now go up to the top area and float across to the 3cpo door and use it. It drops something on his head. Now you can go in the little ewok door to go in. carefully push the slider straight down towards the brick to get it to mate properly. when it does the back area opens up. if it's not quite lined up there's no space for you to wiggle in and push it out again

in the right room you have to build your own mini-kit. force at the four doors on the far wall and put them together.

now R2 the elevator on and go up. bash the pipes with a bomb. FLy R2 across to the left and use the R2 door. build the bricks that come out - this builds an ewok door. go in and fight the 2 stormtroopers. pull the lever then fly across as R2 for the mini-kit. Note we had the little door refuse to let us back out once! We had to restart the level to get it.

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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