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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi / Jedi Destiny

Now it's you and Vader against the emperor. He has 18 healths!! This entire battle is solely about defeating him.

There is a lot of dark force going on in here. Blast away with the force. The key here is really 2 player if you can do it. When the emperor is forcing one player, the other player hits him to break his concentration.

When he gets down to about 13 hearts, he will zap away to the lower area and now you can work on the builds, coin gathering, etc in this upper area. Be sure to gather coins beneath the platform. The red guards are very hard to kill but they will actullally die. Stun them, then whap them a bunch of times. Vader can force them to explode.

Build the platform on the left for a mini-kit. There's a Boba Fett area over on the side. There's a mini-kit up here too on the ledge. Clear out areas he is not in because he won't chase you - you have to go for him.

On the electric disco floor, cross on the unlit squares to get to another fight sequence. Fight him until about 7 hearts and he'll leave here. Once he goes, gather up all the loot here.

Now head into his current area. It's a shorter battle now - down to 5 and he leaps up to the higher area and calls in 2 red guys to help. Build a platform on the left and use the force to go up to him. One hit - he goes to the right. Just double jump across to get him to 3 - he now goes down to the center. Make sure you gather loot before you chase him.

Down to 1 heart - you see the final battle scene with Vader pushing him over. Luke drags him over and takes off his mask. Off Luke flies.

darth vader

1/10 mini-kit

There are four red force spots on the left - do them quickly to get the red brick in the center.

There's a mini-kit you can see by the door. Stand on the little whilte pillars on the left, then flip up onto the overhead ledge to get it.

In the room with the hole surrounded by a blue grid with black blocks in it, you have to run quickly around the square to activate it.

Later, you'll see one between 5 lights on each side - get all lights to light up to get it.

The brick gets you infinite torpedoes

Blow up the metal stripes on the central cylinder. This gets you a mini-kit. At the bounty hunter door, it tosses out a C-3PO panel. Use it to get to a new area. Assemble the pieces there for a mini-kit. 7/10.

The last 3 mini-kits are all in the last area. Blow up the colorful panels on the right. Go through the small guy door. Push over the item, blow it up, this blows up the door. Now go into the back room. On the far back left corner, use dark force, then force, then blow it up to get the mini-kit.

Blow up just to the right of the door, then go up the rappel spot. Pull the lever, then go around to the little door, then blast the fan in between. You get a mini-kit.

Now build the central item. Push it onto the green circle. Now blow up the 2 chairs and spin the arrow until the item is pointing in the right direction (to the right). When you push the arrowed item all the way in, now the elevator works.

Use the C-3PO door. This lowers the platform down to the lever up by the mini-kit. Go pull that lever, now you can jump up to get the mini-kit. Everything else in the room is just coins.

You get the boba mini-kit when you finish all mini-kits

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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