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Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough
Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi / Into the Death Star

This is a flying mission, and of course the last main mission of the entire game. You're in the Millenium Falcon, in with a bunch of star destroyers. Take out the star destroyers by focussing on their purple area. Just shoot the fighters to get the purple things. you can't take out their guns.

Now you fly down into the death star. It's a traditional fly around obstacles mission. Of course, some things can be destroyed and others can't. You're also being shot at quite a lot. Get good at figuring out what you can blow up and what you have to dodge.

There's a 3-target spot and then a grid with 4 targets. You have to do a lot of looping here to get enough bombs. The first grid gets you a mini-kit. The second lets you through.

In the next area there's a bomb spot to gether purple things right away. Then there's a long blue corridor to fly down. You have to zig zag back and forth. There's a tie door down to the lower right. At the very end, blow up the 2 turrets while they are open.

Now a door opens to an energy core. This is a round room. Sliding roows will open on the sides of the wall - shoot them for cash. They zap you to stun you temporarily.

For the center core, wait for the spinning doors to line up and shoot in.

Now the mad rush out begins. You can't just fly casually - you have to go quickly.

finish story -

fireworks, Anakin's ghost, dancing ewoks, happy ghosts

note if you use the mini-kit detector that it does detect the spot where you blow up 3 targets to generate one even after you've gotten it on previous passes.

after that spot - you're facing a purple generator before you turn left and go down long blue corridor. Don't turn left - go straight PAST the purple generator and the mini-kit is hidden behind it, to the left in a nook.

builds a tie interceptor

Lego Star Wars 2 Walkthrough

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