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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
Snappy Dresser

Your mom calls on a cellphone and harasses you for not calling her. You try to explain that you couldn't, but she says a Real Man would have found a way. Apparently she idolizes Giovanni. It's up to you to prove to her that Giovanni is a pervert hardly worthy of that attention.

First, drive over to your apartment. Pick up the camera that is waiting there for you. Now drive on over to the deli, which is marked on your map. You see a guy hop into a white van.

It's tail time. Follow along behind him - not too close, not too far. He'll go through Chinatown and pick up two "lady of the night"s. Keep on following him for a while. He'll pull over to the side of the road.

Now it's time for fun - he'll go running around after the women in a funky outfit. Grab a picture and drive back to your ma.

Unfortunately for you, your mom isn't very impressed!

Income: $100

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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