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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
Car Dealership

I love the car dealership missions! These open up after you finish the "Dealing Revenge" mission. They are a great idea. In essence you have to take a variety of people out on test drives, and show them exactly the traits they want to see in a car.

For example, try the station wagon first. You have to stay in the car, impress the customer, and get a sale. So you have:

* a timer - you must return to the car lot in this time. Don't go too far
* a level counter - you start at 1 of course
* A sale meter - this fills up as you drive "properly" based on the customer's needs

With the station wagon / quiet sedan it's easy. Just drive slowly and carefully, and once the meter is half full, go back to the dealership to fill it the rest of the way. You can get a $119 pay and a big time bonus. Move on to the next person.

The feisty sedan (Idaho) guy wants a "tough to chase" car. You have to find a cop, get a star rating, and then lose it again. This guy is thrilled when you run people over!

The buggy guy (sometimes a BF Injection!) wants to "catch some air". Drive around and get as many jumps as possible with him. We got $69 by doing this pretty quickly.

The fast car guy wants to go really fast, but doesn't want to hit anybody. If you bump the car too much, he wants it repaired before he'll take it.

When you get all 4 cars back in the time limit, you move up to Level 2. We've gotten up to level 4, with $1662 reward. When you finish level 4 you get a Hellenbach GT in the showroom. Level 6 gets you ongoing protection money.

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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