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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
Noodle Delivery

This is like the old "pizza delivery" missions but now you're delivering noodles for a Chinese restaurant. The noodle shop in the northeast corner of Chinatown. There's a little red noodle scooter parked out front. Every time you go back, it'll get loaded up with 6 noodles. Work through the levels getting 1 guy, then 2 guys, then 3 guys and so on. Ten is the highest level available. You get new time added on with each level.

In essence you're "drive by shooting" but it flings noodles :) Jump to the map view each time, so you can plan out your route.

Once you get past 6, you have to go back by the starting spot to get more noodles. There'll be a yellow spot to gather up noodles - it'll make you stop for a moment. However if you go back *before* you're out, you can zip near the shop and it'll auto-refill without making you stop. It all depends on how your route works out.

Mostly this is about practicing your driving.

Once you complete 10 levels, you get a rotating dollar sign, up to $2000 when you let it fill up. You also get your health bar increased.

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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