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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

You and Vincenzo talk about J.D. O'Toole - a member of the Sadako crew that is running a gentlemen's club. He now wants to defect to Leone side. You guys want to take him in, to learn about the Sadako info. Unfortunately an "ape" is causing trouble so you have to go kill him. The ape has some bodyguards too. Therefore, first you need a gun.

Drive over to AmmuNation to pick up a gun. Pistols are usually $240, but you get this one for free. Now it's time to drive to the construction site.

You start with 2 enemies. Target each one with L and then just hit circle a few times to shoot him. Don't waste your ammo by over-shooting. Pick up anything they drop. Next, sneak slowly through the tunnel and use the 'free shoot' to shoot the barrel by one guy. You gotta love those barrels!

It's time to sneak up on the one remiaing guy and then the main ape by the car. Shoot them both. When you do, pick up the cell phone as proof of a job well done.

Once you do, you get a cell phone call from JD. He's filmed your actions "just for my own use". JD says for you to take the car and respray it. He'll take care of the body.

The Paint and Spray is right there. Usually a paint job is $100, but this time it's free. Be sure to save this car in your garage!

Income: $500

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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