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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
Bringing the House Down

go back to 8-ball after he calls

he sets you up with a van

drive it through the tunnel to the target zone as carefully as you can

forelli cars will attack the whole way

follow the targets through the tunnel to the places for the explosives

kill a couple witnesses as you get there

place the first explosive to start a 3 minute timer

quickly back up through the next target and then go forward and up a dirt ramp onto the platform

continue forward through the tunnel to the next bomb spot

plant it and take out another witness

advance to the final bomb spot

jump in the pickup truck and head toward a subway entrance to escape

forellis will jump you again and force you to an alternate exit that you have to ram solidly with your pickup to

get out

if you have any time left at all, you win...

the D comes back for his sv #4

Income: $5,000

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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