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Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough
Detective Skills

As a detective, you can choose 2 out of the four skills available.

If you choose this skill, certain 'silly' questions are greyed out so you can't even ask them. Note that you'd rarely even consider asking these questions anyway, so it's not really worth it to take this one.

Evidence Collection
**Take This Skill**. Normally when you look around a crime scene, you have NO IDEA if something can be picked up or not. Figuring out which pixel is active is hard enough even if you DO have this on with the magnifying glass icon that lights up! There have been times that I *knew* there was an object in an area and sat there trying to get my mouse on the exact right pixel to get that symbol to grab it.

If you have this on, your team will give you hints on what to do next. No need for that, that's what walkthroughs are for if you're really stuck :) But usually it's pretty clear from what you have, what is next in line. It's very single threaded.

Case Organization
This helps you determine what things to present in order to get a warrant or other action taken.

Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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