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Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough
The Exelsior

You see the doorman help a lady with her bags, as they chat about their families. He sees a guy leaning on his horn and realizes the guy is dead - single shot in the head. In come the cops.

Where you start out, go to the trash can and grab the bagel, the paper plate and soda can. Behind you is a piece of paper and a bike wheel. By the wall is an Atomic Burger receipt.

Into the car (yuch!!). The back seat has glasses, scientific papers, Mozart CDs. The floor of the back seat has mints and a New York map. The keys are in the ignition - grab them and use them to unlock the glove compartment. You get his license and cash in there.

Across the street are bits of a green bottle, a lollipop and a Midtown Savings Bank receipt on the right.

Use your notepad to send all evidence both to research and to the lab - and then go talk to the doorman.

Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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