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Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough
Linda Keller - Assistant

The woman up in apartment 4B is Linda Keller. She was who Ramos had come to see.

William Ramos? Worked with him.
Compe to apartment? Tell me what about?
What do you do for him? He was a doctor, I did personal stuff for him.
How long? 3 weeks, moved from Buffalo NY. He has dropping off a paycheck.
Last time came? No time
How much he owe you? $5k under the table
Meet Mrs Ramos? No
Go to home or office? Never, he was tight lipped about me
Waiting all evening? Had appt at 7:30, I was hung up. Showed up at 7:45 and figured I missed him
(detective says hmmmm nice view, you can see the car from here)
How did door man miss you entering? I use my garage key to avoid him

Refuses psychiatric exam

Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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