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Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough
At the J Robbie Hotel

You find out about the hotel from talking to Donald Kent. You got the key from the medical examiner's table. Use that key to get into the hotel room.

Pick up the wine glsas, menu, bucket and party invite. The party invite talks about 2439. Use this combination on the safe in the closet to open it. You find a check from Martin Tanner for $20k, cash and cufflinks.

On the table is a hotel book, receipt. There's a bag on the stand. There's a notepad on the end table. In that drawer is a bible and keycard.

In the bathroom is hair in the drain, aspirin, a razor and VIsion Relief on the sink.

Send everything off for labwork and research!

Law and Order 2 - Double or Nothing Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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