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Lumines Walkthrough
Screen Display Basics

Each screen has the main grid, and a timebar that goes left to right, removing any blocks that it sees in its path. If you only get a block formed halfway through its sweep, it will only remove the blocks to the right of where it is. This can be REALLY annoying :)

Somewhere on the screen it will always show you the current score, your total score, the time elapsed, and the deleted blocks as well as your level. The skin (background) changes every 4 levels. Your level count is based on the number of blocks you have deleted. You can take as long as you want - and you can get few or lots of points, depending on how many combinations you do.

Your little icon sits in the bottom left of the screen, and it will dance around if you get 4 or more in a row during a single time bar swipe.

The backgrounds and songs will often change based on your actions! Read the skin notes for more details.

On the very top of the screen is a symbol showing a "loop". Once you get a square off the screen, it will temporarily turn into the word "change" with an up arrow. That will turn back into a "loop" usually after a single pass of the time bar, but sometimes it will stick on change for a few passes around. I haven't figured out yet what this signifies.

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