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Lumines Walkthrough
Square Dance

Blocks: Orange + White Ceramic Tiles
Background: Swirly Mercury
Starting Level: 20

Starting Scores (from my playing):
28838 / 23:27 / D399
26591 / 21:33 / D401
22855 / 19:10 / D399
23344 / 21:11 / D385
26631 / 21:22 / D399
21410 / 22:58 / D394

This is always a WELCOME rest after that last level. It features a cool swirly background as if you're moving your fingers through mercury - as you move the block, it leaves trails around behind it both in the background and in a 'smear trail' of the block's colors! Very cool. When you spin the block it plays a note, and when you drop it it plays a slightly lower note, that goes with the music.

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