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Zelda Majora's Mask
Getting the Ocarina: Reaching Town

I'm not sure why they made the game start the way it does - it's incredibly tedious, and hardly encourages new gamers to get through it! You have to watch a long, drawn out sequence with Epona and the Skull kid, and then start as Link in a room with only one exit. Slash all the bushes to get rupees, and go through the exit. The next room has stumps to jump up - again, get the money and then jump from one to the other. Now you've met (again) the Skull Kid.

You sit through another scene, and end up with a fairy and being Deku-boy. Practice the flower jump in here, and your spin. Open the door and head down the corridor. In the next room grab the money and then fly across to the exit. The next room has islands you need to fly to. There's a chest in the far corner with deku nuts - you can use these as bombs. Grab them and fly to the exit. The tree is just there to practice your Z on.

Now head down the corridor and into the mill. Head on up the ramps until you meet the Mask seller. He wants his mask back, and he says if you find your ocarina that he can turn you back into Link. You only have 3 days to finish this quest ... and in this game, an hour is usually about a minute. That gives you just over an hour real time.

When you leave him, you're finally in the city.

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