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Zelda Majora's Mask
Getting the Ocarina: Finding the Kid

This is probably the most frustrating part of the game, because you can't save until you find the Ocarina, and it takes you a few tries to figure this all out. You start out in the South part of town. Note you can't leave town yet, so you're stuck to south, north, east, west, and the laundry pool as the five town areas you can get to.

Go around behind the clock tower and head north. You'll hit (go figure) the North Clock Tower area. Here you'll find Tingle, who is selling maps. Buy a map of the town so you can move around it more easily. Go up the little ramp and into the western cave, and find the Great Fairy. Or her pieces in any case. She wants you to help find her lost fairy bit.

Head south and then southwest to get to the laundry pool area. The fairy bit is there during the day. During the night it's over in the East area by the two crates. Grab it and bring it back to the Great Fairy. You'll get the ability to shoot bubbles now. Go out and shoot the balloon that Jim is aiming at, and talk to him. He'll start you on a game. Be warned - you *always* have until the next morning to find the kids, so start it as early in the day as you can.

Two of them are right here in the North area - one behind the tree by the fence, and the other behind the slide. One is in the West area, in the northern part by the Post Office. The final two are in the East area. One has a chicken over to the far east up on a ledge. The other is on the Inn's roof - you have to jump in the deku flower and fly up to the roof to grab him. Once you get all five, you are given the secret code to get to the astronomer.

Head east to get to the astronomer's area. You have to leap from float to float to cross the water, and then shoot a spider when its back is turned to you. The next room has a balloon for you to pop. Climb up. Ignore the scarecrow for now - he can't help you since you don't have the ocarina - and go up the ramps to the telescope.

Talk to the astronomer and look through the telescope. If you zoom in on the clock tower, you'll see the kid waving at the moon (and mooning you), and the moon will shoot a Moon's Tear out onto the porch of the observatory. Go through the door to grab it. Head all the way back into town.

Go to the clock tower area, and go to the deku flower there. The deku guy wants the Moon's Tear to give to his wife as a present. If you give him the tear, he gives you the land deed to the deku flower. You can now use the flower to fly up to the clock tower entrance.

You're now pretty much set until midnight on Day 3. If you have time to kill, go play in the Deku Playground in the Northern Area. The game gets harder each day, and you win a good amount of money if you beat any of the times.

On midnight of Day 3, the clock tower door opens, and you can go inside. You confront the Skull Kid, and learn that you must find a person from eaach corner world and bring them back here. Shoot the Skull Kid to get back your Ocarina, and you watch a short video about Zelda. Now play the Song of Time, and you start again on Day 1. Go in and talk to the Mask man, and now you are Link and can leave the town. Your quest solvings has begun!

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