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Zelda Majora's Mask
Final Battle

Once you get the remains from all four areas, head back into the Clock Tower at midnight on the third day. Play the Song of Order on the roof. The four giants will come hold up the moon, and after a bit of movie you'll be sucked inside it. You need to have ALL of the masks at this point.

There are four kids running around the big tree that you see. Start with the Deku Kid. Give him a mask, then go into his world. Jump from flower to flower - on the second spinner with the mashers, be sure to go into the GOLD flower. From here you can jump to the right for the heart piece, and then to the left for the door. The kid will want one more mask and then be done.

Next, try the Goron mask. He wants two masks to play. Do a speed roll - just one - and once you are zooming just use the button and slight steering adjustments to reach the two pots at the end of the course. The ricochets from chest to chest should get you there in one roll. Now you can get the heart and then go to the door. He'll want another two to finish off.

Third is the Zora mask. Yup, he wants 3 masks. Now you really just have to swim a maze. Try left, right, left, right to reach him. He'll want 3 masks to finish off.

Finally, the thief mask. For four hearts you do a series of battles - wolf, ninja, iron guy. Now send a bombchu up to the crack on the wall and shoot the eye. The heart piece is there, and a crack in the ceiling. Nail that one for a kid that wants your last 4 masks.

Now you're ready for the central kid. He'll give you the Fierce Deity's Mask and wants to play Good Guys vs Bad Guys. This is *finally* the mask that fits in the bottom right corner of your screen! Wear it and begin fighting. Always aim for the Majora character, ignoring any other masks. You begin with Majora's Mask, then Majora's Incarnation, and finally Majora's Wrath. They are actually pretty easy to kill - it was very disappointing. Once they're dead, you watch a long video involving weddings and such, and that's it! You can't keep playing, or wander around, or anything. In fact, they say "We're going to have our festival now, get lost". Not a very uplifting ending ...

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