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Zelda Majora's Mask
The Inn Timelines

Day 1
Day 1 begins with the band leader heading out first thing in the morning to the Mayor's house. He'll be getting bad news there. Anju mans the front desk.

At 12:00 noon, Anju goes to feed Grandma. Grandma hates her cooking and claims she just ate, "Tortus", deliberately calling the girl by the wrong name. The girl finally gives up and goes up to her room. At 2pm she is back at the front desk. The mailman shows up at 2pm, and gives her the letter from Kafei. Once she gets it, she's willing to talk to you about the letter. She wants you to meet her at 11:30pm in the kitchen.

Now talk to her without the mask, and she'll give you a key to the second room upstairs. You have to do this AFTER 2pm - if you talk to her too much before 2 she'll not give you the key now. If you wait too long, the actual room owner shows up and you can't have the key.

If you have the All Night Mask you can listen to Grandma's story and get a piece of heart by staying awake.

At 11:30pm in the kitchen, she gives you a letter for Kafei, which you must deliver to a post box. You can drop it off right now if you wish, no reason to wait.

At night, if you bring the land deed into the bathroom (that's the small room by the back entrance to the lobby) you'll give it to the "hand in the toilet". Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Day 2
On Day 2 you can listen to the grandma's story again if you wish. Once you get the pendant from Kafei, bring it back to Anju so she knows to wait for him. The rest of the day is quiet here.

Day 3
At the Very Last Hour, hang out in Anju's room to see Kafei come in for her. When the happy couple reunites, you get the Couple's Mask from them!

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