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Zelda Majora's Mask
The Mask List

Here is a list of the masks you find in the game, and what they're used for.

Deku Mask
Forced on you at the start of the game, you get it off when you get the ocarina and go back to the Mask Shop Owner in the clock tower. Useful for pipe playing and entering the swamp castle.

All Night Mask
On the first night, foil the robbery in the North Clock Tower at 11:30pm to start this chain of events. Once you do that, on the third night go to the Curiosity Shop. He'll have a special item available now - the All Night Mask. Wear this when Anju's grandmother is telling a story to stay awake and get a piece of heart.

Stone Mask
Gotten when you give a healing potion to Shiro, the invisible soldier. You find him using the lens of truth just below the entrance to the cemetery. Use the mask to sneak around in the pirate lair.

Kamaro Mask
Kamaro is tricky. You *see* him dancing on one of the pillars when you look through the telescope. He's not there!! He's on one of the huge MUSHROOM shapes over in the ice field. You can jump to it at nighttime from the top level. Play the song of healing for him and you'll learn the song the twin girls wish to learn. You'll get his mask as well.

Bunny Mask
When you have the Bremen mask, march the 10 cucoos in the ranch into a line to get the cucoo boy there to give you the Bunny Mask. This lets you run fast and jump far. You need this for the last fairy in the Goron area.

Mummy Mask
The little girl in the thief area needs her father rescued. Sneak past her with the stone mask, and defeat the mummy within to get the mummy mask from him. Using this mask, you can talk to mummies and find out what they want. Majora's Mask Walkthrough Page

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