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Zelda Majora's Mask
Milk Road & Romani Ranch

You need to get the dynamite keg as a goron to blow up the boulder and get into the ranch on Day 1. When you do, you'll get Epona and start on the Romani quest. Stay with her that evening to fight off the cow-stealing aliens, and you'll get a bottle from her. You don't get anything special for beating her balloon time trial's best time.

Play the bremen march for the cucoos in the chicken area to get all 10 - they'll turn into adults then, pleasing the chicken boy. He gives you the bunny ears. For the dog track, if you use the Mask of Truth you can figure out which one will win, and always win a prize.

On day 2, help the older sister get her milk to town. The band leader mask makes this easy, but you can shoot it out with the brothers too if you wish. This gets you the Romani Mask, which is needed to get into the bar.

When you have Epona, run the race the brothers host. If you beat them, you win a Ninja mask, which you need to get up to the top area of the mountains. Winning a second time just gets you some milk. A trick to winning is to stay hard right the whole time, jumping the hurdles instead of running around them.

Note that you CAN kill the crow with five hits of a fire arrow. You get the maximum money you can carry when you do. If the crow steals something, you can buy it back at the curiosity shop.

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