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Zelda Majora's Mask
The Swamp: The Spider House

To get to the spider home in the swamp, you can fly or hop over from the boat area, heading north. You can see it on the boat ride, a hive-like structure on the left. Use a deku stick to light the web to enter.

Once you get in, you'll find a cursed person who needs you to find all of the spiders within. You'll also find a racing dog who is trapped in here - once you uncurse the person he'll return to the dog races.

Make sure you have some seeds and water and bugs before you begin this.

Main Room with pool
1: stick bugs in hole in wall
2: stick bugs in other hole in wall
3: in the water in the middle
4: In pots on the right of ramp
5: On the middle column on the left
6: On the wall over the door (get later)

Gold Room
7: On the column
8: On the wide wall

Plant/Big Pot Room
9: In little pots
10: In big pot by deku - hit hard
11: In other big pot away from deku
12: Cut grass to north, to get spider in tunnel
(play song of awakening to wake it up, to use the flower)
13: On wall of ledge
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