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Zelda Majora's Mask
The Ocean: The Spider House

The Zora spider house is right at the entrance of the ocean area. You need to be a Goron to roll back out of the basement, and you need the hookshot to enter the main areas. Be sure to do this on Day 1 to get the 500 rupee wallet at the end.

1: On first slope
2: On first slope
3: Behind the ropes in the first room
(now hook to the door)
4: Left wall in hallway
5: Beam that you can shoot from the stairs
6: Goron-hit the first pot for it to pop out
(down the stairs)
7: wall seam at the bottom of the stairs
8: in big pot by the torch
9: opposite pot on the other side of the stairs
10: Pot on top of the boxes past the door
11: Behind the spiderweb by these boxes
12: Jump-slam on the boxes for one to jump out upstairs
(in the dining room)
13: above the door
14: picture by the red mask
15: in chandelier (pound the table)
16: in chandelier
17: in chandelier
18: by the grate in the left pot (must roll HARD into it)
(open grate by talking to skeletons with Captain's Mask and learning mask order)
(ours was green-blue-red-green-yellow-blue)
Grate has a piece of heart in it.
(far storage room)
19: Crossbeam straight ahead in the room
20: Wall opposite door
21: In 3rd box on right
22: Hook shot to upper level, it's in a pot
23: left box, blow up box, it's in a hole
(library, burn webs away from door)
24: behind painting
25: Left of desk on shelf
26: Across from desk on shelf
27: Hole in wall right of door - must get on bookcase to get
28: Right of desk, push shelf to see
29: On Shelf, climb up
30: On shelf, climb up

When you're done, go back up to the first floor to get your wallet prize. Majora's Mask Walkthrough Page

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