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Zelda Majora's Mask
The Zora Temple

You get here by playing the Bossanova by Lulu, which awakens the turtle. Hookshot over to the turtle to get to this area.

The secret to this map is to realize there are three colors of water tubes in action - yellow, red, and green. By turning on and off the flow of this water, you can make various things happen.

In the big pipe room, turn the yellow switch below the water. It will submerge when you trigger it, and give you a way to jump across to the back door. Note that there are spiders to watch out for in this room.

The next room is a huge spinning room. When you begin, you can only go into the two bottom tubes. Take the middle red-green one first to the southeast.

You'll be in a rectangular column room. Hookshot to the chest on the surface for the dungeon map. Head into the next room.

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