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Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Walkthrough
Capture Mission

Capture mission is, in shape, similar to Team Deathmatch. There are two bases where members of two different teams spawn. However, there are two other types of object in this game type: capture objects and capture bases. Capture objects are the object of your pursuit - either GAKO (the duck) or KEROTAN (the frog) or both. You must pick them up (run over it) and carry it back to your color base. Once on the base, a counter starts ticking down. The first team to have the object in their base for the amount of time specified (usually 30 seconds) wins. If the object is taken out of the square, the countdown stops where it is and continues if the object is brought back into the square.

The alternate version of this mission uses two objects instead of one. Having both objects in your base doubles the countdown speed. If each base contains one object, both teams' countdowns restart. It's possible to win with only one item in your base, but it's impossible to win if both teams have an item in their base.

Points in Capture Mission are primarily based on holding the object while it's in your base. You don't have a lot of room to maneuver in the square, so you'll rely on your allies to form a wall around you. Watch for ambushes and stay alert. If you're trying to intercept an item, remember to use the map to cover any paths to the enemy's base that the enemy might use. The item always shows up on the map, so it's easy to track the carrier; just watch out for any friends he might have hanging around, too.

Metal Gear Online Walkthrough
Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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