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Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Walkthrough
Weapons - Traps

Claymores are directional mines; you plant them facing a certain way, and they'll explode in that direction if someone walks in front of it. It can be disarmed by crawling, so don't rely too heavily on them. Sleep mines (Drebin points only) launch a large cloud of sleep gas when tripped, but are detectable by the light on top of them. These need to be watched even more carefully than claymore mines, which are at least difficult to detect.

C4 and Sleep Gas Satchels both operate the same way - plant them, then detonate them. They have larger blasts than their mine counterparts, but you can't just leave them alone, either. Plant C4 or satchels on a certain pathway (with limited access) and then guard that pathway carefully. When someone walks across it, detonate it.

Magazines are the last trap item, and serve two purposes. When laid down on the ground, they cause anyone who finds it to be distracted by them and thus wide open to attack. If an ally is caught by a magazine, shoot the magazine from a distance to rescue him. Magazines are like mousetraps - don't go too far away from them, because when they're tripped you're going to have to deal with the person you caught. The other purpose of magazines is that, if you hold R1 and L1 and press triangle, you can read the magazine to restore your psyche bar (which is wounded by CQC or tranquilizer darts). Press the circle button to flip the pages.

Metal Gear Online Walkthrough
Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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