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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough
Act 1 - Liquid Sun

Stay on the right side of the screen and move into the building. Don't go out into the street; you'll be caught by mercenaries. Pick up the ration just past the north doorway. After the Stryker rolls up, crawl forward into a vent for a compress (helps with stress/psyche gauge). Exit the vent; the two PMCs you passed will attack the militia soldier hiding nearby. Blend in and wait for them to pass by. Stay to the right, crawling to keep the wrecked car between you and the Stryker. Also watch the Stryker's turret to make sure it doesn't spot you, either. Move quickly into the building on the right as soon as you see the door - keep low, either crawl or crouch-walk. Move north, still keeping low, and watch the milita soldier be executed by the PMC. Wait until the PMC is moving away to move out. Stay to the right again, keeping a low profile. Watch the door from behind the folding screen until you see the PMC move past it. Move slowly up to the doorframe and lean against it. Once he moves north, exit the door and go to the right. Stay behind the boxes and be especially careful not to walk over any of the bottles on the floor - the noise will give you away. Move very slowly, as your footsteps will betray you very easily. Stay down (either behind the boxes or flat on the floor behind the dividers) and the PMCs will come back. While they're moving south, head north. Make sure the PMCs patrolling have their backs to you and that the Stryker is not looking your way, then move quickly and quietly across the street.

In this next area (Red Zone), patrols are a bit more open. Move to the right and back - you should see some statues. You can't blend in with them (you have no skullcap), so go to the stairs behind them. Behind the stairs on the lower level are a compress and a cardboard box. Go up the stairs. Roll across the gap on the upper level and move slowly forward until you can see the PMC in the doorway. Press up against the wall next to the door (on the side closer to you) using OctoCamo. When he passes by you, either take him out with CQC (the risky option) or stealthily move past the doorway (the quieter option, but which runs the risk of him coming back and discovering you). If you choose CQC, the sound may attract another soldier, so be careful. Don't bother with the lockers; he'll come through the same doorway that the other PMC did, so hide him behind the lockers, not in them. One of the lockers has a Playboy in it. Head down the stairs. On your right are three lockers; the middle one contains a ration. Go forward. Ahead are two more lockers. Open the locker on the left for a bottle of Regain. Head back upstairs. Go to the low wall at the end and make sure no PMCs are facing your way. Vault over the wall. Crawl forward as slowly as you can; if your camo goes too slow, stop and let the OctoCamo . At the end of this upper section is a ration. Check again for PMCs looking your way, then crawl to the edge of the blown-out section. Slip down the hole and collect the compress. Blend in with the wall or floor. Move north and go left around the corner once the PMCs are gone. Hide in or behind the garbage bin. Two more PMCs will advance from the direction you need to go to. Wait for them to do their thing and run off, then go to where they were (avoid the bottles on the ground). Now you'll rendezvous with the Mk. II. You'll get a silenced pistol and a tranq pistol, and finally the Metal Gear Mk. 2.

Move forward and let the battle occur in the street. Move out to the right and hide behind the van. Watch out; if it's hit too much it'll explode. Watch the flying vehicles take out the building ahead of you. If you want, you can take some shots at the PMCs to even out the odds, making it less likely for them to notice you. Go for headshots; if they're hit somewhere else by a regular pistol, they'll be more likely to notice you. Move to the right and crawl along the sidewalk. The rebels are shooting in your direction at the PMCs ahead of you, so try not to get hit by stray gunfire or artillery. When you see a doorway on the right, go in. Crawl under the windows. Crawl behind the rebel lines. Across the street is the rebel hideout; to the left of that is an RPG-7. You can destroy the Stryker with the RPG, but it'll trigger a short alert unless you shoot from far enough back. Taking down the Stryker and a few PMCs will make the rebels friendly, which will make the next part much easier. Move into the underground bunker.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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