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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough
Act 1 - Liquid Sun Underground Bunker

Walk forward. If you're friendly with the rebels, this part requires no stealth. Otherwise, stay in the shadows. For the first guy, there's a short patrol that he walks. He's not as observant as the PMCs are, so he shouldn't be that hard to sneak by. Past him, there's a ration behind the boxes in the shadows. Go forward. Hide in one of the side passages when you hear people coming. In the room with the chickens, there is a bottle of regain and a bowl of noodles. Go forward and to the right, around the cylinder. Hide next to the wall as the rebels walk by. Go forward; the room on the left contains two dead PMCs. Shake down their bodies and grab their stuff. Go back out and forward. The patients in this room can't see you and/or won't raise an alarm. Grab the compress and the pentazemin - the guy listening to the wounded man isn't particularly observant. When you see the guard ahead, go to the right and wait for him to complete his rounds. Then sneak by him. In the next room are two rebels talking. Crouch down and move around the edge of the room. When you see two soldiers ahead who are planning to go "up top", move to the left into the room with two more dead PMCs. This room has stun and smoke grenades. Go back out, forward, and to the right into a room with some lockers in it. Collect the RPG-7 and the ammo around the room. Inside the lockers are a Middle Eastern disguise and a Playboy. If you aren't already good with the rebels, putting on the disguise will help you get by without worrying about sneaking. Move around the edges of the next room and press on. Some more rebels will run by you. After they do, go to the left to collect RPG ammo. Collect the Petro Bomb and the rations in the next room, then head up the stairs.

Now you've got access to Drebin. You might want to buy some suppressors for your M4. Head to the right and collect the AK-102, the noodles, and the Playboy. Go up the steps for an AK and a Petro Bomb. Look for the edge where the floor falls away; drop down from it and press triangle to catch onto the ledge below it. This ledge contains an RPG (6000 Drebin points), a Sleeping Gas Mine, and a Dot Sight. Drop back down. Follow the footprints (viewable with the Solid Eye's night vision mode) into the crumbling building. Stay away from the window and follow the prints left. When the walkway disappears, climb across using the little outcrop of floor that's left. Pull yourself up on the other side and jump down through the doorway. Jump down into the basement.

After the cutscene you get the Drum Can. Move forward and clear the PMCs down the street with the M4. Move to the right at the first opening, then take another right (if you took the first right and went up the ladder, there's a mortar that you can use to clear out the PMCs and the Stryker and help the militia out). Follow the path until you see the group of soldiers. Either join up with them or stay out of their way; follow the group that goes forward until they are attacked by a sniper. The sniper is located on the right side of the top of the archway ahead of you. Shoot him to make your advance - and the rebels' advance - easier. A weird glitch occurs - if you kill him before you get Otacon's message, he will respawn instantly and you'll have to kill him again. Watch out for the PMC in the window and the PMCs behind the sandbags ahead. Move to the left until you see a crack in the wall. Press up against the wall and shimmy through it. Take two rights and a left. Move past the PMCs hiding behind the sandbags (take them out if you want) and move into the building. The first floor has an enemy you can catch unaware; the second floor has a box of grenades; the third floor has a PMC sniper who is a little more aware than the one on the first floor, so be careful. On the third floor, look out the window and take out the sniper on top of the arch (if you haven't done so already). Clear out any PMCs below you - on my playthrough this got a "We did it!" from the militia, so it seems like the PMCs that come afterwards aren't spawned yet. Move down the street to the van. Two PMCs will move down the street. Keep the van between you and them (first press against the back, then press against the right side). Crawl forward on the right side of the street until another PMC comes out of an alleyway. His partner will join him. Stay hidden with OctoCamo. Move forward on the left side of the street after they pass. At the corner, press up against objects on the right side. Move from object to object and be wary of PMCs coming out of alleyways. Crawl low behind the car full of sandbags. Move along the side of the street until you see a battleground - the right side is PMCs, the left side is rebels. Stay low and crawl through the trench between the two. Move over to the door and head into the Advent Palace.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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