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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough
Act 1 - Liquid Sun Advent Palace

This area is clear of enemies, but mines are everywhere. The sleep mines are designated by lights that you can watch out for, while claymores - their lethal counterpart - do not have any such thing. The stairs that you need to go up - the ones that you start near - are mined at every landing, so watch out. Use nightvision mode on your Solid Eye and all mines will show up as glowing objects. Crawl across them to pick them up. There are various little trinkets - rations, playboys, compresses, etc. - to collect on each floor. On the third floor there is a song for your iPod in the room on the west side. It is guarded by a claymore mine. Once you hit the third floor, you need to cross to the south-side staircase to continue up to the fourth floor. Collect the noodles, the regain, and the ammo from the kitchen. Right before the kitchen, to the right of the doorway, is a vent. Sent the Metal Gear Mk. II in (make sure it has enough batteries) and you can collect noodles and a PSS pistol (take a left at the intersection). There's also some holes, but they don't lead anywhere important. With all that gathered, head toward the objective point.

After the cutscenes, you get the FROG fight. You need to fight the FROG unit as you escort Rat Patrol 01 down the stairs. There are a couple important things to know. First, you need to protect your allies as well as yourself; the members of Rat Pt 01 are marked on your map, and Otacon will let you know if they're getting hurt. Second, Akiba will give you items at occasional points - listen for him saying "Here, Snake!" to collect rations and ammo. Thirdly, if you tranquilize all the enemies, you'll get a FROG doll that will be kept upstairs in the Nomad. Your choice of weapons is limited at this point, so you're pretty much limited to stun grenades and the tranq pistol if you want to go non-lethal. During the fight, try to stay down and shoot from behind cover. Blend in with the Rat Patrol so you're not the FROG's main target. Grab all the P90s you can - they sell for a decent amount of Drebin Points. On the fourth floor, they'll bunch up in that one area. Hit them with a grenade (regular for lethal, stun for non-lethal). Follow the Rat Patrol down the stairs to the third floor, and the FROGs will be jumping on the walls. It's not clearly established whether or not tranquilizing a FROG and then having her fall to her death counts as a kill, but try to avoid it if you're going non-lethal. Move along with the Rat Patrol. Once you're in the bar, watch out for ambushes and move along. When you're in the next room, FROGs will come through the doors and shoot through the window. Throw a grenade through the window to take out a bunch of them. After that, follow the Rat Patrol downstairs; this area is wide open, and you'll have to stay in cover and pop out to shoot enemies. Throw some grenades across the way to deal more damage. When the unit moves into the bathroom, the FROGs will knock a wall down and throw in a stun grenade. Throw a grenade of your own back at them; if a Rat Patrol member is knocked out by the stun grenade, crouch and hold triangle to wake them up. In the room they're coming from, there's a bottle of Regain on the bed. Once they're taken care of, Akiba will disable the laser field ahead of you. Jump down into the hole and move forward. The FROGs will smash the wall open with a bulldozer. Take them out using plenty of grenades and this fight will be over. Jump down the elevator shaft and follow the Rat Patrol. There's one more cinematic and you'll find yourself in the parking garage. If you used non-lethal methods on all the enemies, this is where you'll find your action figure.

Collect the P90s the enemies left behind and move up the ramp of rubble. Vault over the boxes and press forward. You'll come out behind some militiamen. A rebel tank will move foward and attack the PMCs. If you can keep it covered, it will serve as a mobile shield for you. Take out any hostile units you see aiming at the tank. Move down the hallway on the right to hook up with the tank and its support soldiers. Watch out for Tankbusters armed with Javelin missiles - they like to hide in windows and buildings. Look for the bulky shape of their missile launchers. The tank can only take a few missile hits, so be careful. Try not to stand out too much, as you're still in danger of being caught in an alert. The first two tankbusters are in a window on the left side and then on a roof on the right side. Take them down. After the tank's advanced enough and PMCs have been cleared out of the area, take the left alleyway next to the arch and climb up the ladder (watch out for PMCs rounding the corner). Ambush the PMC sniper (kill or tranq him), then go behind the block building for a Javelin missile. Cross the bridge (stay low).Grab the ration and then head down the stairs. Go to the hole in the wall and shoot down at the PMCs (stay low or they'll still spot you). A well-placed RPG or grenade will turn the tide of this battle. If you use the RPG, though, realize that it's very likely that they'll spot you and it'll count as an alert even though it's only a split-second before they die and it disappears. Drop down to the level below you and go back down the stairs. There will be two tankbusters on the building at the end of the road, so take them both down as quickly as you can. Cross over to the left side of the street and climb up the ladder. Follow the path around and jump down. From what I can see, the tank will be destroyed almost automatically at this phase, so use it only to distract the enemy while you head for the ladder.

A bulldozer will push open a path and the militia will come streaming through. However, they'll be set upon by the B+B unit. After the cinematic, collect the weapons and watch out for PMC patrols. Since all the militia are dead, you've got no distractions anymore. Head forward along the right side of the street. Take them out (the one in the back first) and move forward. A lone sentry will be moving along the street.Wait for him to head the other way and then move forward into the alley on the left side of the street (at the corner). At the bottom of the stairs is an iPod song. Head up the stairs and wait for the PMC to go around the corner (use OctoCamo and lie flat along the stairs). When he does, come up behind him and take him out or hold him up. Head left and fall through the hole in the floor. Go through the door and quickly go around behind the lockers to your left (if you came out the north door). A guard might spot you, but he won't look behind the lockers. Take out the guard near where you came in and the guard across the way and quietly make your way to the west side (the house in the northwest has a PSS behind it, which is worth 5000 DP). Go through the hole in the wall. Hide under one of the trucks and wait for a PMC to come around. Tranquilize him and head north. Watch out for the PMC in the tower to the left - if you tranq him, he'll wake up eventually, so be careful. Move slowly through the box area; you're very open here, so try to tranq/kill as many guards as you can see before moving on. Besides the watchtower guard, there's two others: one moving near the boxes, the other moving near the tent. There's an infinite number of guards in this area, so you can't outlast them - there'll always be at least one replacement if the others are asleep.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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