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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough
Act 2 - Solid Sun

You'll start off overlooking a group of PMCs with kidnapped rebels. It's almost impossible to save the rebels - the PMCs will execute them after enough time, and if you shoot at the PMCs the rebels will likely die. Stay down and you can use silenced weapons to take out the PMCs, who will rush about in the square and begin executing rebels. For me, this proved to be the surest strategy - use either the silenced pistol or an M4 or M14 to take out the enemies. Move around to the left. Check the houses in the area for various goodies, including an iPod song ("The Fury" from MGS3) in the burnt-out northern house, a disguise and a cache of weapons in the southern house, and an SVD in the loft of the barn. Once you're done picking out the village, head northeast. Wait for the fight to die down (feel free to take down some PMCs, it's hard for them to notice you in this environment), then head north. Follow the path of footprints (use night vision) down the path. You'll see a rebel group. Meet up with them (in the disguise) or let them go ahead; either way, there'll be a group of PMCs ahead of you. Take them out covertly and move on when they're gone. An important note here is that the smaller dots on your Solid Eye's radar display represent animal life, so only worry about the large dots. Head north toward the grey block on your map and take out the lone PMC. Look east and use nightvision to highlight the enemy PMCs. Take them out quietly. Follow the path to the power station.

You'll be behind some rebel troops. They'll move forward and get taken out by a PMC sniper. Get down and crawl forward, using the night-vision mode to look for enemies. Move to the right side and keep an eye out. There'll be one PMC guarding the back entrance, so take him out when you get an opportunity. Move up and to the left and there'll be another patrolling PMC. Take another left and there'll be a pair of snipers in the grass. Shoot the one in back first and then take out the other. Head north and be watchful of more PMCs. The power station is a fierce battle between PMCs and militia troops. Both sides are infinite - use the mortar or sniper fire to take out PMCs in key positions (primarily the heavy machine gun mounts) and the mercenaries should be pushed back. Take care not to get spotted, because even using the mortar they may still notice you. Follow the militiamen in (you have to physically go into the power station once you've cleared a path through the enemies) and they will blow the power station. Shortly afterward, the militia will finish off the PMCs and declare victory in the sector. With that done, go out to the back and climb up the electric tower. Go over to one of the two electric lines that stretches across to the other tower. Flip over the railing and use hand-over-hand to cross the line and go over to the other tower. The goodies obtained include a rifle scope and a Stinger anti-air missile launcher, among other items. If you hadn't helped the militia, it would've been possible to blow it yourself with C4 (put it on the panel that glows when you look with nightvision), but it would've been more difficult and you would most likely have been caught. Climb up the boxes to jump back over to the other side and head north. There's a scene with Drebin. Afterwards, head up the path next to the road he drove down. If the rebels took the power station, there'll be rebels in this part; otherwise, it'll be PMCs. On the southwest wall in the first "section" of the path is an XM8 and a Javelin. There's not much else to say about this section except "use the walls and rocks to avoid the PMCs if they're there". Head left when the road forks and you'll end up at the Confinement facility (the right side also goes there, but to a different part).

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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