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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough
Act 2 - Solid Sun Tracking Naomi

Now you have to track Naomi. Use the Solid Eye's nightvision to see the footsteps they leave behind and follow them. When the trail splits, go to the left, following Naomi's pointed shoe trail. There's a guard after the bridge, so take him out when you see him. Afterwards, the trail splits up again; go right. When you round the corner, watch out for the PMC sniper. When you get to the article of Naomi's clothing, go a little forward and follow the trail left (the clothing piece on the right is a trap). Keep going; at some point, there's going to be a PMC on your left when you round the corner. Take a left when you're facing him (the path goes through the trampled underbrush). When you reach the river, head to the left (stay on the same bank) and investigate the crop circle for a flashback and 1000 Drebin Points. Cross the river and examine the trail. Naomi's being carried by a PMC, so follow the deeper footprints (the ones that show up more clearly on your nightvision) to the left. The tracks get muddled at this point. The track that resembles a human foot is a FROG who has set an ambush to the south of you.

Take the middle path to the northeast. Turn off the Solid Eye before advancing - the hum will give you away. Back up if you are given away and take out the FROG troopers as they come into the path. Follow the path northeast. Right after the bend, there will be a lone PMC. He's setting up a claymore, so take him out and disarm it. Follow the middle path, then the right-hand path. There's a FROG ahead of you who will catch a glimpse of you even if you're well camouflaged - take her out if you can. Ahead on the path are Naomi's shoes, so now she's being carried again. There's a mine next to the shoes, so disarm it before you trip it. There's one FROG ahead who will try to catch you unaware, so back up quickly if she detects you. Ahead, a group of FROGs will come into the area. Hide and take them out with a stun grenade, or ignore them and let them pass by. Ahead are some PMCs; use the terrain to move around them and take them out. The footprints are hard to follow here, but you want to head out the southern pathway. On the left side is a PMC and a PSS pistol (sells for 5000). There's another guard ahead on the left; distract him with a Playboy and then go back around to the right. You can either take him out from behind or just proceed on into the tunnel.

After the cutscene, you have to man the turret of Drebin's Stryker as he drives out of the area. There are a few key things in this segment. First, if you're going non-lethal, don't shoot anyone clinging to the vehicle while it's moving (wait until it stops) and don't engage the armored soldiers when Drebin tells you to. Wait a while and they'll fly away. If you're not going non-lethal, this is a good chance to use all of your heaviest firepower. You'll be confronted with armored soldiers, Gekkos, and other Strykers, so if you have the Javelin missile from the Middle East sector, now might be a good time to ID-unlock it. Also, you've got infinite ammo for every weapon, so don't worry about that. Use rocket launchers and machine guns on faraway enemies, and shotguns on enemies that get close to the vehicle. Follow Drebin's directions and this segment shouldn't be a big deal.

When the Gekkos show up, shoot them in the highlighted weak spots (when you're wearing the Solid Eye) with the heavy machine gun and they'll collapse fairly easily. Shoot them in the legs; wait until they're all down to concentrate your fire on one,.Don't forget to keep an eye out for people behind you, too. When the Mobile Gun System (the Stryker with the tank cannon on top) shows up, you can't destroy it; rather, you can hit it with a rocket or missile to disable its movement so that you can stay in place and shoot at the gate with the machine gun (you have to use the Stryker's machine gun for this, as far as I can tell). After that, you'll be on the open road, fighting Gekkos and another MGS. Keep the Gekkos away until Drebin drives through the area.

Now you're in the marketplace, running from the Gekko on foot. Stay away from the Gekkos as much as you can and make your way through. There's nothing you can do about the civilians, so just worry about dodging the kicks that the Gekkos throw at you. The only trick to this section is "roll a lot". Get out of there and this section is done.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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